Students probably have a love-hate relationship with the June Holidays. The longest academic holiday of the year, yet you’d be swamped with mountains of assignments and revisions waiting for you because exams happen immediately after.

Then again, taking a break is equally vital as your studies. Here’s what you can do during your June Holidays – whether you’re studying or not!


Free-Wifi Studying Places 

Explodingbelly, or Clara, feel your woes of looking for an empty study spot in your regular Starbucks or National Library to complete your tasks.



A comprehensive list of 23 places to get your work done this June Holidays, Clara included both wifi/non-wifi cafes that you will be thankful for when you see eager students queuing up for a table outside National Library.


DBS Marina Regatta 2016



Singapore’s ONLY urban pop-up beach, DBS Marina Regatta is back with more adventurous and exciting events for you. Catch live dragon boat races and with a lineup of up-and-coming music artistes, the DBS Sound House is perfect venue to unwind with friends over a pint of fresh brewed beer (with revisions under the way, of course. Priorities.)

Admission is FREE but it only spans over 2 weekends, so be sure to head over and have an epic time with your friends.

Dates: 28-29 May | 4-5 June 2016

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm

Venue: Promontory @ Marina Bay

Parents, you’d be delighted to know that apart from DBS Marina Regatta, our parenting blogger Kelvin, or more commonly known as Cheekiemonkies, compiled an exhaustive list of over 100 places that you can bring your children to this holiday. Head over to his blog and stay tuned to more of his recommendations!


Beerfest Asia 2016

For those above 18, this is for you. Beerfest Asia is back again, bigger and better than before.



This isn’t your standard beer convention; with over 400 beers to choose from and a series of events lined up for you, Beerfest will be exactly where you need to be after a whole day of revision. Apart from the amazing live music at the background, you’d have a blast with the rest of entertainments such as stand up comedies, sample culinary offerings. All under the spectacular backdrop of Marina Promenade.

If you’re an UOB cardholder, do not miss out on their promotion here.

Dates: 16-19 Jun  (Thu – Sun)

Venue: Marina Promenade


Singapore Zoo – Ah Meng Zing Experience 



Zoos never gets old, do they? With Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) constantly seeking new ways to enrich us more about animals, Ah Meng Zing allows you to learn all about saving animals and conserving wildlife.

Take part in their events such as Zoolympix and making your own animal-inspired crafts. Apart from Singapore Zoo, check out WRS’ counterparts such as Night Safari and River Safari for more activities!

Head over to their website to find out more. If you’re a NTUC, Passion or Safra Card member, you’ll be entitled to special discounts!


Safra Punggol Waterway Challenge

After days of revision and hard work on the books, this challenge is bound to pack you with endorphins to power through the studying.



Ride, run and row along the scenic Coney Island and Punggol Waterway with your BFF or family members – different race formats are available for you to choose from. Head over to Safra’s website to find out more details on the race.

Registration starts on the 29th May 2016, so go register now!

Happy studying, and happy holidays! Time management is key, so do plan your time well and we hope you enjoy the activities suggested!

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team

After a 20 year wait, Les Miserables is finally back, this time bigger and better than before. The new, reimagined version of this musical was first created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Broadway musical. This current version includes new sets, re-orchestrated music scores, and pyrotechnics. For those who are keen, Les Miserables will be showing at the Esplanade Theatre till 17 July 2016 and tickets are available HERE.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Les Miserables the Musical follows the lives of several characters in the 19th Century French Revolution period, touching on topics of redemption, contradictions in friendship and love as well as survival of the human spirit.

Since its inception in the 1980s, Les Miserables has since taken the musical scene by storm. Originated from the novel by Victor Hugo, Les Miserables was then made into a musical in 1985. It is undisputedly one of the greatest Broadway shows of all time.

Not only was the musical a hit, Les Miserables the movie, starring Hollywood’s greatest stars such as Russell Crowe, Anna Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried, scored 3 Oscars and 3 Golden Globe awards 2012.


Despite its global fame, did you know that Les Miserables was once dismissed as “witless and synthetic entertainment?” For more, allow us to take you through 5 facts about the musical.

1. The early reviews of Les Miserables were atrocious

When the musical was first released in London’s Barbican Theatre, critics panned it. Newspapers such as The Daily Mail and City Limits called the musical out and described it as a “load of sentimental old tosh”.

Devastated, Producer Cameron Mackintosh made a trip to the box office only to find out that in less than 24 hours, tickets were already selling out fast. It was then that he decided to not take professional critics to heart and instead trust the power of word of mouth.

2. Today, Les Miserables is one of the oldest and most successful Broadway shows


This blockbuster has won over 125 major theatre awards including an Olivier, 8 Tonys, a Grammy, and 5 Helpmann Awards. The production has played over 45,000 professional performances worldwide to a total audience of more than 70 million people – even more than the population of Italy.

3. There is only one place which still holds the original production


Though different renditions of the play are still stellar performances which continue to touch the hearts of millions, the only place where you can still see the original musical is in London.

4. The singing you heard from Les Miserables movie was entirely live


To amp up the realism, Tom Hooper, director of the movie insisted that the entire cast sing live instead of lip-synching to pre-recorded tracks. Even though the live singing did potray raw honesty to the movie, the cast had to prepare their vocals months before the actual acting. On top of that, stars such as Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman had a whopping amount of weight to lose before filming commenced. They really deserved their Oscars!

5. After a 20-year hiatus, Les Miserables finally made its way to Singapore with its latest production of Les Miserables

LesMis-countdown-2 Weeks

Consisting of modernised staging, orchestrations and dazzlingly reimagined scenery inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo, this version of Les Miserables must not be missed!

This production has broken box office records America and in Canada for over three years, as well as in Japan, Korea, Spain and Australia.

Tickets have been on sale since November last year and will be available through all SISTIC channels. The musical will be held at Esplanade from 31st May 2016 onwards, with ticket prices starting from SGD58.

For more information, please head over to

This post is brought to you in partnership with Mediacorp VizPro.

Madeline Chin
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Singapore’s food scene has been on an all-time high recently; from salted egg croissants to the latest themed-cafes, even our Instagram feeds have problems keeping up. But hey, everyone loves a variety to choose from and I’m definitely not complaining!

In case you missed them out, we have sourced out some of the trendiest food and cafes that you can probably bring your date to, or even just a simple gathering with loved ones.

1.BAKE Cheese Tart


Photo Credits: Misstamchiak

Originated from Japan, BAKE has been the talk of the town ever since it set foot in Singapore. I mean, why not? BAKE prides itself on only serving the “Best Cheese Tart Ever” and as far as cheese tarts go, it hasn’t disappoint yet.

Insider Tip: Avoid the long queues by buying your cheese tarts during off peak hours. Word has it that the waiting time for BAKE clocked up to 3 hours!

Aileen Lim for food blogger Maureen, more popularly known as Miss Tam Chiak has done a review on the various type of cheese tarts available in Singapore. Head over to Maureen’s website and find out more!

2.Prima Deli Salted Egg Yolk Cheese Tarts


Photo Credits: Clara

Salted yolk crabs, salted yolk buns, salted yolk chips, salted yolk croissants… I can go on and on. But salted yolk lava cheese tart? This is a different ball game altogether. Our new foodie to the family, Clara, popularly known as Exploding Belly, swore by the buttery goodness of this tart. This local creation has won the hearts of many and will continue to win every salted-yolk lover’s heart. ;)

Insider Tip: Toast your tart prior to eating to savor the runny salted egg goodies!

Head over to Clara’s blog and be sure to follow her on Instagram! Don’t blame us if you salivate when you browse through her feed in the middle of the night though J

3.DC Comics Super Hero Café


Photo Credits: Marina Bay Sands

The recent Batman VS Superman movie has got us all hooked onto the DC scene and this DC-themed Café will definitely satisfy the after-effects of the movie. It features superheroes-themed food such as Hall of Justice Combo, Chicken Hawk Quesadilla, Aquaman’s Arrabiata and Batman’s Dark Knight Charcoal Burger.

What is there not to love? While the food in the café tends to be on the pricier side, the view from MBS will be all worth it.

Head over to Marina Bay Sands’ website to find out more about the café!



Photo Credits: Miss Goob

Situated at the roof top of People’s Park Complex, Lepark is the ideal place to lepak (chill in Malay Language). Lepark serves amazing tapas-styled food as well as proper mains. If you’re looking for a chill night session, you’d love to know that Lepark serves an array of craft beers that is not your usual run-of-the-mill beers.

Insider Tip: Lepark even has live getai (song stages in dialects) sessions occasionally. Like their facebook page and stay tuned to their updates!

Jiehui, more popularly known as Miss Goob, went for a taste event for Lepark’s latest menu. Head over to her dayre and find out more about Lepark!

5.Pompompurin Café


Photo Credits: Clara

Pompompurin cafe has been the latest craze as far as themed-cafes go in Singapore. Originated from Sanrio, Japan, Pompompurin is now ranked #1 most popular Sanrio character! From its entrance décor all the way to the smallest details such as seats and cutlery, Pompompurin Café is decorated beautifully with Pompompurin’s characters.

Clara did a review on this themed-café here. Read to find out more!



Photo Credits: ShoutSg

As Singapore first container Gastropark, Timbre+ is an urban food hall that offers a diversity of restaurant-grade food and casual eats at affordable prices. With music and live performances, Timbre+ is the ideal place if you want a relaxing and chill session with your loved ones. The graffiti sprays and abstract arts inside the container definitely livens up the mood.

Do note that Timbre+ closes on Sundays and parking lots are extremely limited, so you might want to park at Fusionopolis or take the train to One-north!

Read more about Timbre+ here at Cheekiemonkie’s blog!

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading about the latest food trends. Happy eating!

Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

ndp1One year ago with our bloggers and Netccentric staff while packing for SG50’s Funpacks
Credits: Dayre

It has been a year since us Singaporeans have celebrated our golden jubilee and we’re proud to announce that..
Netccentric will be partnering with National Day Parade again for SG51! :)


Nuffnang blogger and alphas with Brigadier-General Kenneth Liow, Chairman of the NDP 2016 Executive Committee at SG 51’s NDP media event
Credits: Xinlin

Netccentric has been heavily involved in SG50’s NDP event – read all about it here at our CEO Boss Ming’s Dayre. It was a priceless experience to be a part of SG50; from packing the fun packs for the residents of Singapore to penning down sincere and thoughtful wishes, we definitely felt the unity and pride to be a Singaporean. Imagine the excitement that we get to partner with NDP again this year!


Brigadier General Kenneth Liow, Chairman of NDP 2016 Executive Committee, starting of the media programme.
Credits: Xinlin

This year’s NDP theme will be Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow. As the name speaks for itself, this year’s National Day Parade calls on all Singaporeans to remain strong and work towards Singapore’s future as one people.


Chelsea Lim, the brainchild behind SG 51’s logo
Credits: Brenda

This year’s celebration will be nothing short of amazing:

Unlike any other year where NDP is held at Marina Floating Platform or Padang, SG51 NDP will be held at the newly renovated Singapore Sports Hub after a 10 year hiatus which will allow 275,000 Singaporeans – double that of previous NDPs – to celebrate Singapore’s birthday together.

Apart from traditional favourites such as the Parade and Salute to the Nation performed by five F-16D fighter aircraft, this year’s celebration will consist of unmanned technologies, 3D projection displays, aerial displays involving performers and props, and indoor fireworks for the first time ever! Just like any other NDP, SG51 NDP will definitely be a memorable and meaningful to all Singaporeans.

Read more about our influencers’ experience during SG51 NDP’s media event here:

Xinlin – NDP 2016: Concept, Theme & Logo
Brenda – NDP 2016: Concept, Theme and Logo
Kelly Latimer

Stay tuned to Nuffnang’s platforms as we will be updating the latest news regarding SG51’s NDP!

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Did you know that April Fool’s Day has been around since the 16th century? Apparently, when the Gregorian Calendar was adopted and New Year’s Day was moved to 1st January instead of 1st April, people couldn’t get use to the change. Those who then continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on the 1st April were referred to as “April’s fools” and others played tricks on them.
Even though April fool’s day is cited as an unofficial holiday, people do take them pretty seriously.

Google, for one, is notorious for pranking its users every year.

Netccentric has always been about fun, so how can we miss out on the occasion?


Source: Dayre

One of our Netccentrics, Selina, pasted this all over the Netccentric office last year.


Source: Dayre

It easily livened up the office and got everyone in the mood for April Fool’s.

Now, you are entitled to 24 hours of pranking (harmless, of course) others/get pranked. Go make full use of it! Just remember not to ask anyone to be your beau on that day. Nobody will take you seriously, really.

We gathered a few April fool pranks you can pull on your friends, family members, or even colleagues. It may not be anything damaging, but I’m pretty sure it will annoy the victim to no ends. :P

1. The Insect Lamp


Source: BoredPanda

For everyone who is afraid of insects, this prank cannot get any better. Imagine the horror on their faces the instant the lamp is switched on. Totes worth the paper-cutting effort. If you’re all up for the occasion, improvise this idea in the toilets as well. Draw them on the toilet paper rolls and soon you’ll hear the screeching screams coming from the toilet.

2. Tape an airhorn under a desk chair



Place the airhorn either under a desk chair or tape it to the wall adjacent to the door and get your snapchat ready to record the reaction of the victim. Try visualising the jolt and the possible fall he/she may encounter due to the shock. Yep. I love April Fool’s Day too.

3. Clogged toilet bowl? Not really.


Source: Timothy Tiah

This is a creation of our Nuffnang Malaysia team back in 2013. Old is gold, and in no way is this prank outdated. The Churp Churp team in KL poured coffee into the toilet tank so that you’d be greeted with a flush of brown-coloured water whenever you flush. Read more of the whole experience at Timothy Tiah, our COO’s blog. We suggest that you use food colouring instead of coffee. You don’t want to attract ants into your place, surely.

4. The Mouse Prank


Source: BoredPanda

Effortless but it definitely does the trick.

Be prepared for a scolding from your victim, though. If it was a gaming mouse, they’d probably be very angry at you.

5. Frozen Cereal



This is for all the times your child made you clean up their food messes. Apart from laughing when you observe their exasperated faces, their reactions will definitely brighten up your week. Nothing can be funnier than watching your children fall for a prank like this.

6. Googly-eyed food?


Source: HappyDay

Stick these googly-eyed stickers on all the foods you can find in the kitchen or your office pantry. Better still, stick them on your child’s snacks and candy and watch their reactions when they open the refrigerator.

We hope you had a great time reading this post as much as I had fun writing it. I was giggling to myself when I came across the pranks. Just imagining the reactions of my friends and family makes me excited for April Fool’s Day.

Have a great April Fool’s Day! But remember, nothing harmful!

Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team



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