In just a blink of an eye, it is already the month of August! As you know, Singapore’s food scene is ever-changing and we’ve decided to come up with an updated list of food places to visit! So… to all of you foodies who are always on the hunt for food places, we hope that you’ll find this guide useful :)

1. Patissez – The Original Creator of Freakshakes1

Source: MissTamChiak

2Source: MissTamChiak

We know that there are many versions of these sweet decadent milkshakes available in Singapore, but put your other choices aside for now because Patissez, the original creator of their Freakshakes is now open in Singapore!

It’s always fun to treat yourself to some massive sugar rush with monster milk shakes. So, the next time you’re craving for something sweet or you’re trying to max out your calories on a cheat day, you know where to go ;)

You can’t get anything better than an all-day brunch and mains along with freakshakes, and you can get all of them at Patissez!

(For more info, )

2. Ah Kow Bak Chor Mee4

Source: MissTamChiak

Source: MissTamChiak

To all Ah Kow Bak Chor Mee fans, rejoice!

Their 4th son, Jon Cher has recently opened a stall in Bukit Batok. You can now get your craving fixed at more than one place now (waiting time is approximately 30mins for the Hong Lim Food Centre Outlet during lunch hours).

And to those who have not tried their bak chor mee before, you have earned yourself one new addition to your list of bak chor mee stalls in Singapore!

6Source: MissTamChiak

If you don’t feel like having bak chor mee, and instead crave for something soup-based, you can also try their Teochew dumpling soup.

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3. Fish & Chicks

Source: explodingbelly

The salted egg yolk craze is definitely not new to Singaporeans (unless you’ve been living under a rock) – we have salted egg croissants, waffles, fries, chicken and even prata!

Fish & Chicks has recently opened a new store at Cineleisure’s Koufu, so if you’re around the area, why not give it a try?

They have a rather efficient collection system where you’ll be notified when your food is ready through a sms sent to your phone. No more standing around and walking back and forth while waiting for your piping hot fish & chips!

(For more info,

4. Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

8Source: eatbook

Source: eatbook

You might have already heard! Located at Smith Street Food Centre, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle was one of the few stores to be awarded 1 Michelin star! And it just gets better- just $2 for a Michelin star meal. What are you waiting for?!

Source: eatbook

(For more information, )

5. The Skewer Bar

Source: eatbook

Source: eatbook

Fancy a night out with your friends but not at your typical restaurants/cafes?

Try out The Skewer Bar located in Geylang. Variety of skewers include bacon wrapped cherry tomatoes skewers, prawn, mushrooms and many more.

They also serve non-skewer dishes such as sweet potato chips, oysters and grilled seabass with signature chilli sauce. Who doesn’t love oysters or grilled seafood? Just the thought of it would make anyone salivate.

Source: eatbook

(For more info,

6. Pince & Pints

Source: explodingbelly

National Day is right up next month and Pince & Pints has created a special menu which will only be available from 1 August & 30 September!

If you’re a fan of lobsters and local delicacies, you would want to get your tummies filled with these! For all the Laksa lovers out there, you’ve got to try this! You get the best of both worlds- juicy lobster meat and laksa noodles (that will leave you hoping for more each visit).

(For more info,

7. Chong Wen Ge Café

Source: eatbook

If you happen to be in the area, tucked away at a quiet spot in Telok Ayer, Chong Wen Ge Café is a great place for you to escape the CBD buzz while slurping on flavourful laksa noodles.

Their nonya kuehs are only priced at $1.50 each! Pretty reasonably priced I would say for a café.

Source: eatbook

Source: eatbook

Oh, and don’t forget to take your OOTDs along the pastel blue corridor!
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8. Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant

28273714260_e241d5e57a_kSource: thefoodchapter

28273712660_e4411d9727_kSource: thefoodchapter

28451280272_986a436bfe_kSource: thefoodchapter

To all Japanese food lovers out there, you can find a ’17 ingredients plus appetizer, miso soup and fruit’ Jyo Chirashi at Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant. It’s basically a whole chirashi bowl with 17 ingredients in it!

Apart from Jyo Chirashi, you can also feast on their buffet courses. It is said that they are usually full house especially on weekends, so remember to make a reservation if you’re heading down.

(For more info, )

We’re definitely not sorry for making you feel a little too hungry after reading this post! Put aside your diet plans for now, because it will be so worth it!

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Have you ever wondered what are the must-have mobile apps used by bloggers? Well, we got it all covered for you in this week’s blog. Don’t say we never share!

Since we are often glued to our phones, what’s better than having apps that meet our needs at our very own fingertips? This week, we have 3 bloggersTay Ying, Joyce and Ena Teo to share with us their must-have apps on their phones.

Tay Ying

 1. WhatsApp – basically my main form of communication because I don’t really like talking on the phone or using iMessage (hehe)

WhatsApp Download: iOS | GooglePlay

2. Instagram, dayre and snapchat – my three main sources of entertainment and where I post my content most!

Instagram Download: iOS | GooglePlay
Dayre Download: iOS | GooglePlay
Snapchat Download: iOS | GooglePlay

3. Gmail – most of the time I’m out and so I tend to check and reply my emails a lot on the go

Gmail Download: iOS | GooglePlay

4. SG busleh – I need to know how long it takes for buses to arrive so that I can plan the best route without spending so much time Travelling

SG busleh Download: iOS | GooglePlay


Joyce (aka joycesayshello)

1. Instagram – Instagram is my most used app on my phone after WhatsApp! It is also the app which I use right before I sleep at night and right after I wake up in the mornings. It’s almost an addiction. One of my favourite things to do when bored is scrolling through my following feed because the photos are so lovely to look at!

2. Dayre – Because it is so awesome to be able to update about my day on-the-go and be able to share random/interesting findings. Plus, it is a really the best blogging platform because the community is so positive and encouraging.

3. Snapseed – Don’t know how I can live without Snapseed anymore. The best and most intuitive photo editing app, ever!

Snapseed Download: iOS | GooglePlay

4. Dropbox – My most used app for work. It’s so convenient to transport files from the laptop/desktop to the phone! You wouldn’t want to see the (disorganised and shameful) state of my Dropbox though. Heh.

Dropbox Download: iOS | GooglePlay

5. Uber – I LOVE UBER. It’s a life saver because I can almost always get cabs through this app even when there are no cabs in sight to flag down. Go for UberX because it’s cheaper!

Uber Download: iOS| GooglePlay

Ena Teo

1. Snapseed: Best photo editing app! It can brighten dark photos and enhance the colours of dull photos.

2. VSCO: I love the HB1 filter and use it on most of my photos on Instagram

Download: iOS | GooglePlay

3. Instagram: It’s where I upload most of my recent happenings and keep track of memorable events with family & friends.

4. Boomerang: New favourite, love the cute gif like effect!

Download: iOS | GooglePlay

5. Snapchat: Recently addicted to their crazy filters!

Hmmm… Seems like the common must-have apps for our bloggers would be *drums rolls*…Instagram, Dayre, Snapchat and Snapseed! Hopefully this post has given you a glimpse of what are some of the must-have apps for our bloggers. If you are currently not using those apps right now, why not download them and start using?

Now, for the last part.

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Do look forward to many more giveaways in the future!


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ah-boys-to-men3Photo credits

Apart from the usual Singaporean lingo, the Singapore Armed Forces has its own jargon that NS Men use on a daily basis. As we approach the nation’s birthday in August, let’s take a few minutes to learn some of the terms frequently used in the army.

If you are often perplexed as to what your boyfriend/friend is saying, hopefully this guide will help you understand their conversations better.

Impress your friends with your knowledge of army lingo the next time you meet them :)

52010063Photo credits

1. Wayang
No, it is not referring to the Malaysian/Indonesian shadow puppet show. It refers to those who act good/put on a show in front of their superiors to get into their good books.

2. Arrow
Being assigned to a task – and the tasks usually encompasses undesirable tasks including cleaning toilets to covering for somebody’s work

a1eixpuxndqdadqf4umuPhoto credits

3. Eye Power
Every soldier would have encountered with at least one person who uses his eye power – just looking and doing nothing. In simpler sense, it is the bystander effect.

4. NATO (No Action, Talk Only)
Similar to eye power, but this refers to ‘mouth’ power. It is used to describe NS men who is only good at talking.

5. Garang
Overly enthusiastic NS men who are too ready and willing to take on tasks.

32423215_-_14_08_2014_-_japan-lifestyle-entertainment-pokemonPhoto credits

6. Pikachu
No, we’re not referring to the yellow pokemon creature. Pikachu in the army is derived from the hokkien language “Pai ka bai chew”, which is used to describe someone who has suffered from fractures. “Pai-ka” (limping leg) and “Bai Chew” (broken arms).

It refers to NS men who walk around to look important. Hence, the expression WALI.

9e8d59d693c5f4a54f967035090c0db8Photo credits

8. SOC
Meaning to siam one corner, in an attempt to avoid and to hide from someone (usually superiors) or from taking a task.

ah-boys-to-men-i-017Photo credits

9. Throw Smoke
To deceive/lie, cause a diversion and confuse when the person does not have an answer.

keep-calm-and-chao-keng-1Photo credits

10. Chao Keng
This term should be familiar to most, which refers to feigning sickness or injury by submitting their polyclinic MC or excuse letter. It is usually done in an attempt to avoid work.

Now that you have a better understanding of the army lingo, go ahead and test your friends to see if they know the meaning of it ;)


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DID YOU KNOW: Fiji Island is a country on its own! It is made up of 333 islands, and only one-third are inhabited. Word has it that in Fiji villages, only the chiefs are permitted to wear sunglasses and hats, and the top of their hats are sacred.

A country that is so rich in culture, embodies strong camaraderie among Fijians, and a to-die-for scenery – one can only dream to be in Fiji right?

Here’re our Top 7 Activities for a Dream Beach Vacation – Fiji Edition!

1 . Helicopter tour:


Souce: xx

A backdrop like no other, a helicopter tour around Fiji will take your breath away. These thrilling aerial tours will cover the beautiful islands of Fiji such as Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands with exceptional customer service and safety.  This once in a lifetime experience will no doubt forge a memory that is unforgettable.

2 . Snorkelling


Source: xx

Sail in the blue lagoon and explore the uninhabited beaches of Fiji Island. Your snorkeling experience will be nothing short of amazing when you’re sailing in the crystal clear Fijian waters.

3 . Quad Bike Tours


Source: xx

From Mud Slinging to Cultural Discovery, the quad bike tours in Fiji covers an array of activities. Get ready to head up through the pine forests of the stunning Nausori Highlands, with plateaus overlooking the Mamanuca Islands. At the end of the tour you’d probably be covered in dirt from head to toe, but it’s definitely all worth it.

4 . Sky Diving


Source: xx

Cited on TripAdvisor as one of the most exciting activity to do in Fiji, sky diving is not for the faint-hearted. You will oversee the stunning aerial views of azure waters, pristine reefs and white sandy beaches. This adrenaline-pumped activity will no doubt attract the thrill seekers, and we promise that it will be worth every penny spent.

5 . Fiji Liveaboard Diving


Source: xx

You have not fully experienced the beauty of scuba diving unless you scuba dive in Fiji. Scuba diving in Fiji is rated amongst the world’s best – need we say more? Besides the commonly seen sea creatures such as turtles, snappers and jacks, you will be greeted with a plethora of other sea animals – most of which you probably never heard of.

6 . Fire-walking in Beqa


Source: xx

Located just off Vitu Levu’s southern coast is Beqa Island and the surrounding Beqa Lagoon. Beqa island is home to a Fijian tribe called Sawau, who originated the traditional art of fire-walking. Be in the shoes of the locals for a day and experience this unique activity.

7 . Hike the Falls of Taveuni


Source: xx

Also known as Fiji’s Garden of Eden, Taveuni Island teems with rare orchids, prehistoric tree ferns, tumbling waterfalls and natural water slides. Don’t miss out on the Tavoro waterfalls which boasts a 60-foot horsetail of clear waters.


With our Top 7 Activities to enjoy while on your beach vacation, are you tempted to jet-set off to Fiji yet?

NuffnangSG is partnering with Fiji Airways and 6 Bloggeratis will be flying to Fiji to try out some of the above activities! 

Stays tuned to our live updates on NuffnangSG social media platforms from 29th June 2016 and experience the Fijian life with us!



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Just last month, we were snorkeling with giant clams and soaking up the heat in Davao City with 8 of our Bloggeratis, exploring the eco-adventure side of Philippines.


Our squad onboard the trip – Mongchin, Juli, Clara, Limaran, Shenny, Keline, Charlene and Jason – will be sharing their traventure (travel + adventure) over the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned for more on each of their blogs.

As for us, we will be sharing the things you might not know about Cebu Pacific and Davao City, so read on!

  1. Be sure not to miss out on the quizzes onboard Cebu Pacific!

Did you know, Cebu Pacific is Philippines’ largest airline that entered the aviation industry in March 1996 and pioneered the “low fare, great value” strategy?

We thoroughly enjoyed our flight on Cebu Pacific Air! We love how the airline embraces the Filipino’s culture of fun through their tongue-in-cheek advertisements, their interesting in-flight games (yes, more about that in a bit) and their pre-flight safety demo – dances that easily capture the attention of everyone on board.

Have you seen their punny advertisements?

Capture(Image: Cebu Pacific Air)

The in-flight games are random quizzes that the crew conducts after the take-off. The questions are usually simple trivia related to Philippines or the airline (e.g. how many emergency exits does this aircraft have?), or sing along contests.

These contests are usually held on international and domestic flights (with the exception of late night flights), so be sure to catch out the quizzes to stand a chance to win exclusive CEB merchandises. It’s always nice to join in the fun to minimize any flight jitters you have!

Photo 18-4-16, 02 20 34

Our bloggerati bloggers together with the friendliest crews and the hospitable pilots that flew with us.

We even had the opportunity to take small peek into the cockpit, which was an eye-opener!

CEB currently flies to 5 direct Philippines destinations from Singapore including Manila, Clark, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao.

Cebu Pacific Air flies from Singapore to the eco-adventure capital of Davao thrice weekly. Lowest year-round fares start from SGD 182. For bookings and promos, check HERE or call +65-315-80808.

2. Designated smoking corners

As a city with strong focus on eco-tourism, Davao prides itself in keeping the city a clean and eco-friendly place by limiting the smoking areas to small designated smoking areas outside public spaces.

Sometimes these small areas are cordoned off using bamboo sticks and ropes, which was an interesting sight indeed.

Waiting and smoking area

A common question asked is why is such an extreme measure taken to prevent smoking? The anti-smoking ordinance was made, to protect public health and ensure that clean air is provided for the citizens of Davao.

Their studies show that many Filipinos have been affected by health problems caused by tobacco, and this number can be decreased by an immediate action of reducing smoking areas.

3. The paradise is VERY AFFORDABLE land & sea activities – 2 days of fun for under $100!

If you’re on a budget but still want to have a go with land & sea activities, look no further! We had so much fun overcoming our fears up in the air as well as deep in the sea in Davao, all at a very affordable price.

Here are some activities you can consider when you’re there:

a) Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park is a place for one to enjoy the flora & fauna in the Philippines – butterfly garden, flower garden and spice garden. But the highlight for us was the sky activities they offer – think sky cycling, ziplining and sky swing!

IMG_9542 IMG_0054-2IMG_9956IMG_0129IMG_0158

Eden Nature Park – prices per pax

Guided shuttle tour- PHP 120

Sky Rider- PHP 150

Sky Cycle- PHP 200

Total “damage”: PHP 470 (approx SGD 14!)

Everyone has their individual fears – of heights or water – and this trip enabled us to set our personal challenges and goals through overcoming our fears.

You too can challenge yourself and we guarantee you’ll not regret the sky experience at Eden!

b) “Taklobo” Giant Clams Tour

After our exhilarating sky activities, we had a go with the sea activities.

Home to the marine life, the Giant Clam Sanctuary on Samal Island is an ongoing conservation Eco-Tourism Project which aims to promote biodiversity preservation, education, tourism & livelihood.





“Taklobo” Giant Clams Tour – prices per pax

Entrance fee- PHP 100

Rental of snorkel gear- PHP 100

Rental of rash guard- PHP 100

Boat rental (up to 12 guests)- PHP 500

Total “damage”: PHP 360 (approx SGD 11!)

It’s a view not to be missed ;)

c) Maxima Aquafun & Canopy Tours

If you’re up for something more exciting, how does a 40m slide into the water sound? Yes you heard it right, the adrenaline rush down the 40m giant slide at Maxima Aquafun is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

IMG_0901 IMG_0917 IMG_1040

Maxima Aquafun & Canopy Tours

Day tour (Adults)- PHP 300

Day tour (Kids)- PHP 200

*includes lifebelt, tram ride, unlimited use of waterslide, water blob, jumping board and canopy walk on weekends

Total “damage”: PHP 300 (approx SGD 9!)

d) Davao Wildwater Adventure

Our last adventure of the trip was white water rafting along the Davao River – a 13 kilometres journey of being tossed around in the raft at rapids and swimming in the calm river.


Words can’t explain how amazing the experience was.



Midway through the rafting route, with the majestic sight of Mother Nature before us, we stopped over
at a pit stop for lunch and enjoyed the peace & serenity it brought us.

Davao Wildwater Adventure

Package rate of PHP 1700 per pax (minimum of 5 per group)

*includes transportation (From Crocodile Park to Rafting Area and back), lunch and refreshments, use of paddle and boat as well as Raft Guide

Total “damage”: PHP 1700 (approx SGD 50!)

e. Pressure Points Spa

If you ask us what is the best way to end our bloggerati traventure?


Nothing better than a pampering massage of course. At Pressure Points Spa, we were warmly greeted by their hospitable service of the therapists and were also spoilt for choices on the array of services they offer.

Pressure Points Spa

Holistic Body Massage- prices start from PHP 500

Foot massage- prices start from PHP 400

*Other treatments including foot detoxification, ear candling, manicures and pedicures start from PHP 200

Average “damage”: PHP 500 (approx SGD 15!)

All in all, the land, sea as well as the relaxation activities will only cost one less than SGD100. Where else can you get such a fun-filled activities at such an affordable price?! Need we say more?

For accommodations, we were treated with great hospitality at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Davao and Seda Abreeza Hotel Davao, which were both located right next to convenient huge malls.



Our bloggers are having a giveaway where you can stand a chance to win yourself a pair of air tickets to Davao. Stay tuned to their Instagram accounts to find out how to participate in this contest!

Mongchin (Mongabong)

Juli (Bunbunmakeuptips)

Clara (Explodingbelly)

Limaran (Limaranagustina)

Shenny (Shennyyang)

Keline (Urbandollsg)

Charlene (Charlene22)

Jason (Jasonjuliuslim)

Good luck and MABUHAY!

For more visual updates of the bloggerati traventure, do hop over to #nuffnangsgxcebupacific as well as here for the official photos. Special thanks to Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Department of Tourism Region (11)- Davao for making this trip possible!

Madeline Chin
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