As the celebratory mood wears off from Chinese New Year and the recent festivities, we find ourselves back to the daily grind.

Seems like a while ago when we just kicked off 2016, but did you notice that we are already one quarter into the year?

Before you forget about the “travel more in 2016” resolution you promised yourself at the beginning of the year, let us give you some suggestions to some getaway locations to spend the upcoming long weekends!

For parents/students, you know it will come in handy for the upcoming March school holidays ;)


Source: Public Holiday

While we have fewer long weekends as compared to the Jubilee year, taking strategic leave from work is still an option to allow a getaway :)

The MOST important travel tip: always try your best to book your air tickets 7 weeks prior to your travelling date to avoid price surges. A personal favourite of mine to check out flight prices is Skyscanner.

While not absolutely accurate, Skyscanner provides a general guide and saves you the trouble from going over multiple airlines’ websites. Do also remember to check out Scoot for their Tuesday deals or even Singapore Airlines for some super worthy travel promos!

Below are 6 different countries you can go to for a solo trip, trip with a group of friends or even a family trip.

1. Pattaya, Thailand


Source: Google

A place that is increasingly gaining popularity, Pattaya is small town which boasts a lively nightlife apart from day activities such as parasailing and jet skiing. Before you jet off to the ever familiar Bangkok to satisfy the Chatuchak coconut ice cream craving, consider a beach holiday at this picturesque town.

Parents, you’d be comforted to know that Pattaya offers several kids-friendly activities! Our daddy blogger Kelvin had a blast with his children at the Pattaya Sheep Farm, for an entry fee of just $2!!




Source: Cheekiemonkies

Check out what Kelvin has to say about the trip to Pattaya. As a parent, Kelvin, or more commonly known as Cheekiemonkies, also understands the woes of going on a family trip, which is why he saved you the trouble and came up with a list of children-friendly countries to visit! Trust us when we say it’s super insightful.

2. Komodo Island


Source: Im-chacha

While we’d love to have a long trip, our hectic schedule often does not permit us. If you are tied down with school/work commitments this March holidays but still long for a short break out of town, Komodo Island would be the ideal place for a short trip.

The surrounding waters of seagrass beds and coral reefs makes it THE perfect place to dive. Fancy an adventure yet don’t want to exceed your budget? We bet you’ll fall in love with this island.

Charlene, more popularly known as Iamchacha, shares her visuals on the world’s largest Komodo lizard (how do you think the island got its name from?)  be sure to read more on her adventure here!

3. Taiwan


Source: Im-chacha

For the lucky ones out there who are able to free up more time, Taiwan is the one country that every shopaholic and street food lover has to go. Do we need say more?

Once again, it is pretty evident that Charlene loves Taiwan so much for she dedicated a tab specifically for the country itself. Check out more here for her latest updates – we don’t know any better way to introduce Taiwan to you!

4. Guang Zhou


Source: Nuffnangsg

I know, why would I suggest this part of China instead of something more fanciful like Beijing?

That was what many of our Singaporean Netccentrics thought so too when they headed there for their yearly company retreat. Turns out, almost all of them enjoyed the trip and were pleasantly surprised by what Guangzhou has to offer.

Live blogging using the handy Dayre app gave us a more in depth understanding on Guangzhou’s culture.

Check out the Dayre posts of some of our Netccentrics’ entries at:

5. Cebu, Phillipines



Source: Remote Islands

Cebu is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. If you’re willing to indulge in a more luxurious trip as compared to the countries aforementioned, Cebu should be at the top of your list.

While not as popular as Phillipines’ main capital Manila, Cebu offers an array of activities that are bound to keep you packed during your holiday.

Read more on the ever reliable Tripadvisor for the list of reviews that travellers offered when they visited Cebu.

6. Kukup


Source: Google

A small fishing village in Johor, Kukup is famous for its open air seafood restaurants built on stilts over the waters.

If you are looking for a place for a get-together with a large group of friends yet do not want to spend too much on the trip, Kukup would fit the bill.

Read more about Kukup at as they provide extensive information on the recommended chalets to book and the activities they have.

We hope this guide comes in handy when you are planning your vacations with friends/family! Continue to push on before the next holiday arrives J

March Nuffnang Reads

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Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

Have you ever thought of the purpose of Chinese New Year and why we celebrate it?

Not only are we celebrating the start of the new Chinese lunar calendar, it brings families together for annual reunion dinner and visiting. However, in recent years, majority of us are more concerned about the CNY peripherals – our dressing, food, make up etc.

Right, girls?

We strive to look the best, get the best CNY goodies and also capture the Instagram-worthy OOTDs. Instead of exploding your internet tabs with blogshop URLS and scavenge for the best Chinese new year goodies shops, here’s an ultimate Chinese new year guide to meet all your worries.




No, I don’t think so.

For us Singaporeans, dressing to the nines for during Chinese New Year is a norm. While we make sure to look fabulous for our annual meeting with many relatives (that we might or might not meet once a year only), don’t forget that comfort is key! With a full day of walking and indulging in those calorie-laden snacks, you definitely don’t want to reach home with legs full of blisters or a bulging food baby through your body-hugging clothes!

Source: Valerie

Our Bloggerati, Valerie Lim, has shared with us a few of her favourite blogshop apparels – ensuring both aesthetics and comfort is fulfilled. What caught our attention was how she managed to pair up her laced top with sneakers and still look stunning. Advice from Valerie would definitely not go wrong.

Read more about her fashion musings on:

Apart from that, did you know that most of our influencers are owners of fashion blogshops? More commonly known as Tippytapp, Jessica’s love for fashion has blossomed into her very own fashion label: Soigne The Label. As the name speaks for itself, Soigne The Label (define: elegance) prides itself on elegant and sophisticated clothing.

Source: Tippytapp

Recently Soigne The Label launched their second collection just in time for the lunar New Year! Minimalistic designs ensure a longer lifespan of your outfits, just throw on a red lipstick and you’re great to go for the festivities. With their curated creations, you no longer have to worry about outfit clashes on CNY!

Catch her picks of her latest collection at:


Source: The Tinsel Rack

Also, do not miss out on every girl’s favourite (especially the petite sized), The Tinsel Rack. Owner of TTR, Joyce had meticulously picked out outfits that are bound to catch people’s eyes!

Start shopping now! :)

Make up:
Another essential step to look your best on CNY would be what is applied on your face. Our beauty junkie Karman, or most commonly known as Madokeki, saved us the trouble and sought out the perfect make up to get the perfect winged eyeliner. She has tried on countless of products and definitely knows the recipe to perfecting Chinese New Year looks.

eyelinerSource: Madokeki

Read more about Karman and her beauty tips and tricks on!


Source: Bunbunmakeuptips

How can we forget about our beauty guru, Juli? More popularly known as Bunbunmakeuptips, Juli regularly shares her tips to achieve the best look. Her latest post, 12 Useful Tips To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last A Long Time is perfect for you girls! Apart from ensuring that your eyelash extensions looks au natural, you’d want to make sure that they hold up till the end of the day.


Credit: The Mystery Hour

With the Instagram taking the lead in social media, boyfriends/husbands/siblings, be prepared this holiday!



Don’t lose out on the Instagram game. In today’s day and age, capturing the mandatory #CNYOOTD is of utmost importance. Thanks to trusty Cleo Magazine to give us the best tips on how to take the best OOTD shots, may the best (man/woman) hit the most likes on Instagram!

Read more on:



Source: Instagram

Apart from being a fashionista, Mong Chin prides herself on taking the best OOTDs on her instagram. You’d be sure to learn a tip or two from her platform and showcase your Chinese New Year outfits glamorously!



Source: Miss Tam Chiak

As we focus on the commonly sought out food like pineapple tarts, most of us often leave out on the less popular goodies such as love letters. One of our best food bloggers, Miss Tam Chiak, sought out the top 5 love letters for CNY this year which will definitely leave your visitors coming back for more. Check out her blog as she shares about the array of CNY goodies.

Read more at:


Source: HungryGoWhere

Apart from stocking CNY snacks up in our houses for friends and relatives, it also courtesy for couples to give them as gifts to future/present in-laws. To satisfy the taste buds of the elderly, we have to make sure that these snacks are up to standard.

There are endless choices of where to buy our pineapple tarts and bak kwa but has meticulously compiled a list their favourite goodies.


We hope that this guide comes in handy. May you have a great Chinese new year, and do not forget to keep your health in check in light of this festive occasion!

Happy Chinese New Year!

January Nuffnang reads


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Rachel Heng
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Nuffnang Reads: Wedding Tips for Singaporean Brides

Source: Sheila Mandy

Weddings are always a joyous affair, but the planning behind that one-day event that can turn the kindest of people into bride- and groomzillas. With the rise in number of weddings in Singapore, expectations only grow. Plenty of lot of effort goes into preparation of a successful wedding but with the whopping amount of information on the Internet, it can get pretty overwhelming. This post thus serves to provide you with some tips to make that journey just a little bit easier.


  1. Pre-wedding photoshoot


Source: misstamchiak

There are many things to consider for a pre-wedding photoshoot, starting from the overall look and style you are going for, a local or overseas or indoor or outdoor back drop, the photographer, the editing skills and many more. How would you know if you’ve missed out on any detail?

Maureen draws experience from planning her own wedding and gives 8 tips on what to look out for when planning for your pre-wedding photo shoot.


  1. Choosing the right wedding ring

ring 2

Source: Sheila Mandy

Choosing the right wedding ring could be a tedious process. There’s nothing quite like listening to someone who has been there and one that. Allow Sheila to walk you through the process. It’s all in the details when you choose your diamond, your engraving and setting.


  1. The dress


Source: Your Dream Wedding at Park Royal

Choosing dresses can be quite stressful. Other than looking at the myriad of dresses online, you can also get a feel of the dresses that are in trend through wedding shows. The schedule of wedding shows in Singapore will definitely help in choosing the dress that is the one.

Wedding shows also provide more options for locations to hold weddings, agencies and wedding planners. With a rough outlook of the wedding industry, it’ll definitely help you make better decisions with regards to your own wedding.


  1. Support from other brides


Source: Dayre #dayrebrides

When the planning gets tough and nobody understands you, look for people alike! There’s nothing like fellow brides-to-be to share your pain and joy. The bride community in Singapore is ever changing, and if you don’t already know, Dayre is a great app to connect with people like you.

Look for the hashtag- #dayrebrides on Dayre and where the engagement is strong, the support is strong.


May these tips help you in your planning for that one special day of yours!


October Nuffnang reads



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Sept NN reads

Source: Wardrobe Fashion Trends

With the current air conditions as such, it is necessary to take precautions against the weather. However, we have found out that not many people know the exact details to protect themselves in the haze. Thus, today’s Nuffnang reads is all about a guide to beat the haze.

What is PSI

Source: Channel News Asia

  1. What exactly is PSI?

We all know that PSI is a measure of pollutants in the air, and we need to monitor the level closely to assess the next step of precaution to take. But do you actually know what it means?

The PSI stands for the Pollutant Standards Index, and takes into account six pollutants – sulphur dioxide (SO2), particulate matter (PM10) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3).

The one that messes with the respiratory track from the haze are the particulate and fine particulate matter! And this brings me to my next point, masks.

How to wear a mask

Source: Health Promotion Board

  1. How to properly wear a mask?

All of us know that wearing masks are important when the haze looks bad or the PSI seems high. Do you know the right steps to wearing a mask? The infographic as above shows a step-by-step guide for the clueless!

There are a number of masks out in the market and the most comfortable ones – surgical masks – might not be the most suitable. While surgical masks are able to block out the larger particles, they are not able to block out the worrisome particulate matter as mentioned above. Thus, consider masks that provide better protection, such as the N95 or EN-149 mask.

Now that everyone knows how to wear a mask, it begs the next question- when do you need one?

Masking up

Source: Straits Times

  1. When do you need a mask?

Basically, you will need a mask when the PSI level is higher than 150, especially if you are out for prolonged hours. You’re able to check the hourly PSI levels either on free-to-air national TV channels, or online.

Extra care must be taken with regards to the young and elderly with weak respiratory systems, as well as others who have chronic heart and lung conditions as these are the most susceptible to ailments from the haze.

Be sure to check back with your doctors from time to time especially if you don’t feel well. Our blogger, Mongchin has had asthmatic issues from a tender age. This period, she made it a point to get another inhaler just in case. So do take care everyone! Let’s hope the haze blows away soon!


September Nuffnang reads:



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Many people are considering taking up self defense even when Singapore is touted as one of the safest countries in the world. This is a phenomenon that occurs rightfully so, since even with this title, there are still about over a hundred cases of outrage of modesty per month that are reported. Definite numbers are difficult to access due to under-reporting and this also does not include cases that take place overseas.

With the increasing rate of globalization, more people are traveling overseas. However with gaping difference in security in different countries, there is a growing imperative for everyone, especially women to be able to defend themselves. With that, we trudge forward with fun facts about self defense that could be useful for you!

1. Ninjutsu (the art of self-defense by being a Ninja) is a real thing! 


We actually have a real ninja in Singapore! His name is Nachum Kaplan, and runs a local ninjutsu school. However, ninjutsu is quite different than the ideas we have of ninjas that we get from stereotypes in the media. On the contrary, ninjutsu is a specialised martial art with a strong history that dates back all the way from 900 years to feudal Japan. It is deep, sophisticated and definitely does a lot of damage.

2. Self-defense can get you convicted!


This is an important information to note and will serve as a public service announcement to everyone out there- Self defense can get you convicted. The law for self defense is recorded under the Penal Code, and it states that one should not inflict more harm than necessary to be safe or you could also be charged, with self-defense challenged as a valid reason for violence.

3. Self-defense classes are the new immersion into a culture


Credit: bunbunmakeuptips

Learning is hardly ever restricted to countries. We learn anywhere, and we learn everywhere. There has been a growing trend of new ways to immerse ourselves into new cultures overseas through learning their art. That is what our Bloggerati Juli did, as she took muay thai classes when she went to Thailand in the early months of 2015. It was a thoroughly enriching and authentic experience learning from locals as she learnt much about self-defense there.

This sums up some interesting information about self-defense that will prove to be useful in time to come be in learning, travel or even the law. Self-defense is a growing trend and should you decide to take it up, I hope this helps you be well equipped in both knowledge as well as what you will learn in physical sessions.

August Nuffnang reads:

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