Dear 2015,

You’ve been such an eventful year. This has truly been a year of many changes. There were quite a number of notable moments this year, so let’s take a step back to see how far things have come for Nuffnang.


Company trip

  • Company trip

The Nuffnang team has grown substantially since our first days. 2015 came with many internal changes and development plans for expansion. Naturally, we’ve also had new people come in to keep the energy up and operations going.

Company trips are an annual event for #nuffiesaroundtheworld where nuffies from the Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China offices come together and get to know each other better. This is one time where we get to meet the others from the regional offices and get to know people from our own office even better!


8 birthday

  • 8th birthday

Our 8th birthday was quite a milestone! 8 years into the industry, and Nuffnang is still going strong as the top Blog Advertising Network. We are very proud to have come thus far.

The theme of the party was 8 onto ∞, where we aim for greater heights, and work towards a bigger and better Nuffnang, all around the world. This was also the time of the white/gold or blue/black dress viral phenomenon. Since our dress code was white & gold, Ming decided to be trippy and come in blue and black.

The birthday celebration was a huge success as there was an explosion of congratulatory notes all over social media. Both influencers and nuffies shared their well wishes for the company with hashtag #nuffnang8irthday. That was indeed one of our most favourite times of the year!

If you’re craving for more, relive the good memories through photos on our photo album!


Passing of LKY

  • Passing of LKY

With heavy hearts, Nuffnang went to pay our last respects to Singapore’s greatest founder, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We joined the line on the very first day from 10am, and through that, witnessed the Singapore spirit as fellow Singaporeans helped each other with the long wait. Mr Lee might not be around anymore, but we will keep him and his aspirations close to our hearts as we work towards a home that he would be proud of.



  • NDP SG50

National Day was especially meaningful this year, not only because of the passing of Mr Lee, but also because it was a celebration of the amazing 50 years Singapore has come thus far. This SG50, Nuffnang partnered with the National Day committee and had our bloggers join in and share about the festivities. Older Singaporean icons as well as memorabilia definitely brought a lot of memories back!

Check out the thoughts of Becks, Kelvin and Joyce as they wrote about their exclusive experiences before and during the parade!



  • IPO

2015 was a big step for Nuffnang as we became a publicly listed company. Tons of sweat, blood and tears went into the planning and execution phases. When it eventually materialised, our CEO Ming and COO Timothy could not be happier. Big plans await!



  • Garuda Indonesia Trip

We also had one of our biggest media trips with our bloggers this year- our Garuda Indonesia trip! 8 bloggers were invited to go on the trip – Andy, Charlene, Shenny, Evonne, Randy, Sheila, Zoe and Jessica Tham.

It wasn’t an easy trip as it required a good amount of physical endurance as the bloggers did quite a bit of trekking and hiking. Call times were also often at odd hours in order to catch certain events. But overall, it was a great trip as bloggers had the chance to explore places they would otherwise not be able to on a regular trip.



  • Nuffnang Bloggers Conference

We had our first ever blogger conference! The blogging industry has been changing and we wanted to take time to also educate our bloggers on the changing landscape of the digital industry. We had speakers come in and share about various things- from online to offline, from Instagram photo taking skills to search engine optimisation. All in all, it was a really fruitful session for everyone.

After the event, Hotel Jen Tanglin also kindly extended invitations for a staycation for our influencers and Nuffnang stuff. Definitely a one of a kind experience!


new bloggers

  • New bloggers

Clockwise: Audrey, Andy, Sheng Jun, Keline, Rachel Wong, Nicole Choo

Here are some of the bloggers we have onboard in 2015!

Each of these bloggers have a unique take on life. Take a read at their blogs and you’ll find that they have plenty to offer.



As a career mom to beautiful baby Kayla, Audrey writes about her different experiences as a mom and owner to Churros 101.





As dad to 4 cheeky little kids, Andy shares about adventures he and his family goes on, and parenting tips when he can.




Sheng Jun

As a national swimmer, we get an exclusive look into how it is like as an athlete in Singapore.





Keline is a bubbly lifestyle blogger who loves sharing about every aspect in her life.




Rachel Wong

Rachel has been in the scene for some time now, and she continues to be loved widely by her readers for being very true to herself.




Nicole Choo

Nicole is a blossoming YouTuber who has been building great rapport with fans from her YouTube channel and blog.





2015 has been a year full of ups and downs but has definitely re-energised us as we went through challenges to get to where we are today. We would just like to take the chance to thank every single one of you who have supported Nuffnang through the years. Plans for 2016 is already looking exciting and we look forward to the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Mabel Yeo
Nuffnang Community Team


Nuffnang is celebrating our 8th birthday and to start the ball rolling here are 8 fun facts about our company:

  1. Nuffies refer to the staff working behind the scenes, while Nuffnangers refer to our bloggers. Don’t mix them up!
  2. Nuffnang is actually a Jaifakan word that means ‘Real Good or Real Cool’
  3. was our first website launched on 27th February 2007.
  4. The launch time was 2.30 a.m because a fortune teller had told Ming that it was the ‘most prosperous’ time to launch Nuffnang.
  5. Our first birthday bash was known as the Pajama Party.
  6. Nuffnang has been recognized in Singapore’s Book of Records as ‘Singapore’s First Blog Advertising Community.’
  7. Timothy and Ming first met across a Pussycat Dolls concert.
  8. When Nuffnang first started, our founders did not even know what an insertion order was. (An Insertion order is a essentially a document that specifics the dates and scope of a media buy, used in print, online and broadcast media.)

(Here’s a heads up: If you are interested in finding out more about our very cool backstory, drop by our official dayre account to find out more for yourself!)

While it has been fun planning for a party, we could not have pulled this off without the generous help and support of our partners:

Official Venue Partner:

Da Paolo Logo

Da Paolo Bistro Bar at Rochester



Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy alfresco dining at Da Paolo Bistro Bar located at Rochester Road. The stylishly laid back environment and exceptional cuisine makes this an excellent choice for events and celebrations.

Official Photobooth Partner


Hello Stranger Photobooth

 Website/  Facebook


(By Hello Stranger Photobooth)

Touted as one of the best photobooth in Singapore, Hello Stranger uses only the best professional studio lighting and camera systems available. Photos in a flash, instant prints in a flash – Hello Stranger preserves the moments in history for you.

Official Cake Partner:

Butter Studio

Butter Studio



Butter Studios is a Halal Certified bakery that currently has 3 outlets island-wide. From local classic delights such as salted Gula Melaka cupcakes to the usual fan favourites of red velvet cakes, Butter Studios boasts of bakery goodness that is bound to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Official Event Stylists:

Assemble Happinest - new

Assemble Happinest



Just look at the beautiful set up and decoration done up by Assemble Happinest! Assemble Happinest decorates the venue with lush and fresh flowers according to theme, providing the perfect backdrop to kickstart your special day.


give fun PNG B2

Give Fun

Website/ Facebook


Whether is it planning for wedding, events or parties, you are in safe hands with Give Fun. Providing creative and fun decorations for all types of special occasions with a diverse product range, Give Fun was set up with the humble aim of ‘giving fun to the people’.

Official Performance by live band:


Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

A popular act known for its live performance, HubbaBubbas is a 3 piece acoustic band based in Singapore. The power packed trio delivers electrifying energy and great vibes on stage, performing songs ranging from R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop to Jazz.

Official Fringe Activity Partner

Soap Factory

Soap Factory



Soap Factory is all about fun-loving soaps, lip balms, body lotions and organic liquid soap making lessons. Besides learning how to custom make your own soaps with a variety of designs to choose from, gentle ingredients such as natural shea butter, goat milk and aloe vera soap bases are also used for the skin.

Lucky Draw Partners:








Exclusive 8 Essentials Partners:


This year, the Nuffnang team has put together an exclusive box of 8 essentials; daily necessities for every blogger in their blogging journey. Ranging from eye masks to electronic toothbrushes, it’s the box that covers each and every need, and this was only made possible by the help rendered to us by our lavish sponsors.









GP Batteries




Nescafe Dolce Gusto




With the official birthday bash happening less than a week from now, the party gears have already been set in place and we are ready to conquer the weekend!

Are you excited yet?

Samantha Koh
Nuffnang Community Team

Hola Nuffnangers! What’s crackin’?

NuffnangSG has had the busiest start to 2015, but before we share with you what’s in store for the year, let us have a brief recap on the events that occurred over January.

1. Regional Summit in Bangkok, Thailand

Boss Ming has stepped up to the mantle as CEO and Boss Tim as COO of the Netccentric Group this year – marking 2015 as an important year for Nuffnang and our sister companies!

The Management teams across 7 countries all over the region met up as they annually do for our 2015 Netccentric Summit in Bangkok, Thailand – the land of smiles.

There were intensive full day of meetings and planning for sure. But Nuffnang still has to do what they do best.

Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom and China all came together with one strategic goal in mind for 2015. So be afraid, or excited. Either way works :)


2.      Company Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

After a fulfilling 2014, Nuffies from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China were also flown to Bali for the annual company retreat from 12 to 15 January 2015.

It was not only an internal meeting to reflect on 2014 and to move forward into 2015, but it was also a time for us all to let loose together!  What could be better than a holiday with lots of sun, sea, padi fields and sacred temples?

Pick Ming’s and Tim’s brains about this annual tradition and their personal experiences this time round!

5 countries worth of Nuffies were present this time and hanging out with 70+ Nuffies is either no joke, or LOTS OF IT. It was a time to see both familiar and new faces again, and it was so much fun getting to know and bunk in with so many different people (yes, we had an international sleeping situation!).



On the last night, as we were just getting closer to one another, Ming and Timothy brought everyone to Metis Bali Restaurant, a renown french fine dining restaurant. We had a luxurious three course meal!

“It has been a great 2014 for the Netccentric Group Internationally and we want to thank every one of you for your hard work. We celebrate today together as a family and from tomorrow onwards, we go back to our respective countries stronger, ready to take on 2015,” Ming said after dinner.


3. Netccentric unveils growth plans in Australia

Ming addresses the challenges and growth plans in Australia in his recent interview with The Australian. Plans include the opening of a Sydney office and expansion of the Australian team!

4. We’re turning 8!

Like the previous years, we are organising a birthday bash to celebrate Nuffnang’s 8 years of success. NuffnangSG is holding its celebration this year in March and we expect it to be an HUGE party. Keep your eyes peeled!

5. Nuffnang is now also on Dayre!

As pioneers in the blogosphere, how could we miss out on Dayre, the up-and-coming mobile-blogging platform?

Instead of traditional blogging constrained to the limitations of a desktop computer, we are now able to write to our readers as we go about on our daily activities as Proud Nuffies. Living in an era of constant “upgrades”, there is no other time for us to level up our blogging game!

Follow our official Dayre account now!

And it’s not just us – we have our allies across the world on board too. If you’re keen to join in on the Dayre fun, check them out: Malaysia, Thailand, UK, China and Philippines!

*waves Nuffnang flag*

6. Blogger Updates and what’s coming up for them in 2015?

Enough about us at the Nuffnang headquarters – apparently we are not the only busy ones this year. Many of our top bloggers are also expecting many things new.

              • Yina married her soulmate right at the beginning of this year!

  • Qiuting, is expecting the birth of her newborn in March this year! This signifies an exciting year for Qiuting and Nuffnang as she progresses to her next stage in life as a mother, which will also mean growth and development for her as a blogger and an influencer.

Many of our bloggers who have stayed on with Nuffnang over the years are maturing into roles of parents and we couldn’t be more proud to be around to see them through these milestones!


      • Peggy is currently on THE dream holiday that most of us can only fantasize about.. Think the Artics, riding dog sleighs and frolicking in the company of reindeer

        • Melody is off to London to step out of her comfort and to experience all things new and different!

  • Last but not least, with Wendy as an ambassador of Curash, Merries and Tyrequeen, and Qiuting’s partnering with several brands this year, look forward to bigger and better things from our brand new Talent Management Division that now represents Bloggerati by Nuffnang!

Cheers to an awesome year ahead for us all!

Amanda Tan
Nuffnang Community Team


Dear 2014,

You’ve been a pretty amazing year – one that’s filled with highs and lows (more of the happy moments of course) for Nuffnang and our bloggers. So here we are looking back on the 5 memorable moments we had in the year 2014:

1. #NuffnangIs007, And We Got The License To Party!


We turned 7! The teams from all the Nuffnang offices in the region unanimously came up with the theme of 007, commemorating our 7th birthday regionally.

2. For a Good cause at Nuffnang: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & Giving Tuesday 2014


The year 2014 is a year of giving here at Nuffnang. The Nuffies and some of the bloggers (BenRanAway & Peishi) took up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and contributed to the cause in their own unique way.


And for the second year running, the Nuffies were back doing our part for the community on Giving Tuesday 2014. The packing and distribution of 330 food bundles to the low-income families was not an easy feat. But the Nuffies made a great team and successfully put smiles to the beneficiaries at Fei Yue Family Service Centre.

3. Love is in the air~

 If 2013 was the year of proposals for our bloggers, 2014 is the year of weddings and more weddings!

Slide1The union of #nadskai1314 kick-start the wedding year at Nuffnang! Much preparation was put in place for Nadia’s fairytale wedding.

Slide2Jayne goes for a casual yet chic wedding theme which resonates strongly with her personality.

Slide4Juli is now happily married to her childhood sweetheart of 10 years and still relishing every moment with her Mr Mode.

Slide3The good-looking couple got hitched this year after Silas proposed to Jessica (affectionately known as TippyTapp) in 2013!

Seeing this trend, 2015 seems to be a baby booming year for our bloggers….? We certainly don’t mind having cute babies at our office!

4. Bloggerati Launch Party

BloggeratiThe launch of Bloggerati was a night of good food, great company and big plans for the bloggers in the coming year. We can’t wait to share it with you guys!

5. Partnership with Digital Fashion Week Singapore: #NuffnangxDFW

DFWWNuffnang was the Social Media Partner for Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2014. It was one helluva event filled with glitz, glamour and gorgeous people!

DFWOne of the highlights of the event was the involvement of the #DFWInsiders for this year’s Digital Fashion Week. Our influencers get first-hand dibs and behind the scenes to the fashion shows! Find out what our local and regional influencers Amanda Leong, Peggy Chang and NaNa have to say about their experience at #NuffnangxDFW.



Thank you, 2014.

As we bid farewell to this eventful year, we would like to take this time to thank everyone who have supported us all these years. 2015 will be the year to look out for, cheers to an amazing year ahead!

Amantha Koh
Nuffnang Community Team

Bloggerati by Nuffnang

P1050411 (1)Nuffnang top bloggers gathered for an exciting night of activities, good food and great company for Bloggerati Launch Party! What’s Bloggerati you might ask? Bloggerati by Nuffnang works with top bloggers from Nuffnang community and closely manage their successful brand partnerships, media relations and professional development.

Living Room @ The Arts House

We celebrated this milestone at a gorgeous looking venue!


Don’t mistake The Arts House for just another art gallery! Occupying the almost 200-year-old building that was Singapore’s first Parliament House, The Arts House since its opening in 2004 has been playing an active role in the Singapore arts and creative scene. They have rooms that are cosy, like The Living Room, where we held our Bloggerati Launch Party.


The Arts House supports and presents programmes and festivals that aim to develop and promote literary arts in Singapore, which makes it a great place for a cosy event, conference or even a recital! The place had an amazing ambiance which was perfect for Bloggerati Launch Party.

The Arts House:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Hello Strangers Photo Booth

What’s a party without photos-taking and photobooth? Thanks to the lovely folks at Hello Stranger, some of the Bloggerati Personalities and nuffies had their go as the covergirl/coverguy for  the exclusive “BLOGGERATI magazine”! How cool can that be? We can pass off as the new-age celebrities, can’t we? ;)

BlogBlog 2Blog 3

Fun times with the lovely nuffies and Bloggerati Personalities! Full album can be found here, also free to check out the following hashtags on instagram #nuffnangxhellostranger #hellostrangerphotobooth to take a look at the photos taken :)

Hello Stranger Photo Booth:

Facebook –

Maketh Project

We invited the good people at the Maketh Project to showcase the art of handmade leather crafting! The Bloggerati Personalities had a good time personalizing their very own leather name card holders:


Want to get your hands dirty and create your own personalized lather products for yourself or your loved ones? Head over to Maketh Project for their “pay-as-you-use” workshop! Prices start from $37.90 onward, which includes the rental of tools and materials used (leather used and spare parts/accessories).  It is definitely a great place to spend time crafting a personalized gift for that special someone!


To get inspirations for leather crafts, Maketh Project:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Orange Clove Catering

They say it’s a sin to post food pictures before meal time or late at night. Apologies if you are looking at it now at night! We had lovely customized canapes menu specially prepared by Orange Clove Catering that night!


We had a wide variety of food which includes Tapas (we look the Smokes Salmon with Cream Cheese & Asparagus!), Salad platter, Premium Sushi Platter, Hot Entrees (a shout-out to the delicious baked Scallop Rockefellar and Shish Tawook Grilled Chicken Kebab). Not forgetting the pretty desserts of macaroons and cheese cakes to end the night!

Orange Clove Catering customizes menus for your special occasion!


Orange Clove Catering:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Fiona Treadwell Floristry

Last but not least, the sweet smelling fragrance from Fiona Treadwell Floristry’s flora pieces perfected the ambiance at the party. Fiona Treadwell Floristry customizes every bouquet to suit the bride or the recipient. There will never be two of the same bouquets! Apart from floral arrangements, she also provides decors and prop rentals to create a more wholesome and complete look for the venue.


Her handmade take-me-home tins and cacti won the heart of many. Everyone could not resist taking home those pretty take-me-home tins! Not forgetting, the debut of a backdrop that was curated by Fiona. Our personalities couldn’t help but to take loads of photos!


Fiona Treadwell:

Blog –

Facebook –

Instagram –

The night couldn’t have been possible without the contributions of every individual. Once again, we would like to thank our partners for the great effort put into this event. Not forgetting the hardworking nuffies and our Bloggerati Personalities who took time off a Sunday evening for this significant event.P1050415

Follow us and stay tuned to Nuffnang SG official blog, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for future updates as we embark on this new journey with our Bloggerati Personalities…

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team



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