Dear Talents,

In two weeks’ time, Netccentric will be celebrating its 10th year Anniversary.

Almost ten years ago I started my internship with an obscure startup called Netccentric. While startups today have bean bags, Herman Miller chairs and a pantry that gives the M&M store in Times Square a run for its money, this startup had nothing of that sort. Instead of a glitzy office this startup was based in the backroom of a site office of a construction site with old wooden tables and plastic chairs that look like they were stolen from the nearby Roti Prata stall.

I soon understood why. The founding principle of Netccentric was to be a long term sustainable company and in order to do so it had to be profitable. In order to be profitable it had to live within its means so it was spending money it made rather than money it raised.

This long term view of Netccentric was grounded in the businesses that the company is in today. When it comes to talents be it in Nuffnang or ChurpChurp, Netccentric’s ambition isn’t to find influencers who are already popular and broker deals with them to make a quick buck. Instead the plan is to find hidden gems and talents that we can add value to and then grow with them to make them the social media stars they are today.

Looking back here’s what we have done to build the blogger and influencer ecosystem that exists all around Asia-Pacific today.

1. We built an industry that allowed for full-time bloggers or influencers

The emergence of social media brought the rise of an influential group of bloggers and influencers with reach that go from the thousands to millions. With their newfound followers and fame, influencers had a pain point. How do they earn enough money so that they could focus all their time on doing what they love?

In came Netccentric to help solve this pain point that influencers had. We educated the clients on why they should invest in influencers and who they should invest in. We went for thousands of meetings and planned and pitched strategies for social media campaigns. Our work doesn’t end at selling deals through. Our team handles everything from executing the campaigns, reporting and following up to ensure that we and our talents get paid. This machinery works in the background of every paid opportunity that you see on social media.

Today, many of our top talents earn enough money to quit their full-time jobs and focus on doing what they love be it blogging or vlogging. Yet our work is not yet done for our mission is to bring financial independence not just to the top influencers but the mid-size ones that we have today too.

2. We created opportunities for new experiences, adding to our influencers’ mix of content.

Apart from financial independence, Netccentric’s motivation is to add value to the content our bloggers and influencers created. One of the ways we did so was by opening the door to new experiences, be it a trip to Japan or to Hongkong. Many of these trips aren’t paid and Netccentric makes no money from it but we do it, because it’s part of our mission to help talents grow.

Today we’ve not only flown hundreds if not thousands of our talents to different locations but we also have active close relationships with tourism boards all over the world from Dubai to Fiji Island. On a recent sponsored trip to Croatia that Netccentric arranged, Xiaxue, Fourfeetnine, Rachel Wong and Peary Pie traveled the coast of Istria, hunted for truffles and made a splash in the local newspaper.


3. We invested in a Talent program to groom and market our Talents

As I’ve talked about a few times earlier, a big part of our long term vision is not to just work with existing popular social media stars but to groom new ones. We are serious about creating the next social media star and have invested millions of dollars in doing so. Just last year, we engaged the services of acclaimed PR agency, Asia PR Werkz, to raise the profiles of our Talents regionally.

In Singapore, Qiuting (or popularly known as ‘Bong Qiu Qiu’) is the living proof of our efforts. Since she joined us 6 years ago, we’ve helped and watched proudly as her traffic grew more than ten times, and helped expand the portfolio of brands that have worked with her.

Following her pregnancy, we successfully clinched year-long ambassadorships such as Philips, Biolane, Merries, Expressions post-natal slimming, each snagging five-figures per ambassadorship and cementing her as one of our top earners. She’s evidence that blogging can be a comfortable and financially rewarding career.

On the PR front, more recently she had a feature published in The Straits Times, and graced the cover of Celebrating Life by Thomson Medical.


Qiuting is a testament that our hard work and resources can go hand-in-hand in creating a success for our Talents.

4. Friendships were fostered, both locally and around the globe


As it is with many other things in life, when it comes to the power of influencers there is strength in numbers. So another part of our vision is to connect influencers across different countries and continents. Having a presence in the 8 countries around the region has enabled us to do this effectively and the friendships fostered have led to collaborations between the influencers which have led to the expansion of their following.


We’ve also seen foreign Talents visiting local offices during their holidays, supporting our local talent’s new clothing line launch and even marriage between influencers who met through our community!


5. We’ve worked with industry partners to regulate the social media space

As the major players in the influencer industry, we understand the importance in working with industry partners to develop the guidelines in this increasingly crowded yet unregulated space.

Internally, we published a set of professional and ethical guidelines that guides the way we work on social media. This Handbook gets distributed and explained to our Talents whenever they join our program.

We have since partnered with ASAS (Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore) to finalize advertising guidelines in social media and engaged local tax man IRAS to further define bloggers and influencers’ taxable income.

We hope to expand our efforts regionally to help our local talents navigate their way to quality and ethical content.

The Future

Today, Netccentric is a company that has over 200 staff in 8 countries. Funds raised from our IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange last year has armed us with a war chest. We need to take this growth further and to do more to grow the blogger and influencer ecosystem in the countries we’re in. We are also opening in new markets namely Indonesia and Taiwan which will then expand the Netccentric network and create more opportunities for our talents.

Beyond that, we are also committed to our next mission to help people connect and influence others through their stories. It’s the reason we’ve created Dayre, and the viral content we’ve seen created has only affirmed us further on this track.

As for me, I’ve grown from an intern to a Regional Director of the company overseeing the 200 staff. I have also since become a shareholder of this valuable company.

I’m honored and humbled that you’ve stuck with us through this time, and I promise that in the decade ahead, Netccentric will work better and harder to continue to be on the forefront of social media.

Thank you for the great ten years. Here’s to the next ten years.

The best is yet to be.

Hui Wen Yang
Regional Director, Netccentric Ltd

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team

DID YOU KNOW: Fiji Island is a country on its own! It is made up of 333 islands, and only one-third are inhabited. Word has it that in Fiji villages, only the chiefs are permitted to wear sunglasses and hats, and the top of their hats are sacred.

A country that is so rich in culture, embodies strong camaraderie among Fijians, and a to-die-for scenery – one can only dream to be in Fiji right?

Here’re our Top 7 Activities for a Dream Beach Vacation – Fiji Edition!

1 . Helicopter tour:


Souce: xx

A backdrop like no other, a helicopter tour around Fiji will take your breath away. These thrilling aerial tours will cover the beautiful islands of Fiji such as Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands with exceptional customer service and safety.  This once in a lifetime experience will no doubt forge a memory that is unforgettable.

2 . Snorkelling


Source: xx

Sail in the blue lagoon and explore the uninhabited beaches of Fiji Island. Your snorkeling experience will be nothing short of amazing when you’re sailing in the crystal clear Fijian waters.

3 . Quad Bike Tours


Source: xx

From Mud Slinging to Cultural Discovery, the quad bike tours in Fiji covers an array of activities. Get ready to head up through the pine forests of the stunning Nausori Highlands, with plateaus overlooking the Mamanuca Islands. At the end of the tour you’d probably be covered in dirt from head to toe, but it’s definitely all worth it.

4 . Sky Diving


Source: xx

Cited on TripAdvisor as one of the most exciting activity to do in Fiji, sky diving is not for the faint-hearted. You will oversee the stunning aerial views of azure waters, pristine reefs and white sandy beaches. This adrenaline-pumped activity will no doubt attract the thrill seekers, and we promise that it will be worth every penny spent.

5 . Fiji Liveaboard Diving


Source: xx

You have not fully experienced the beauty of scuba diving unless you scuba dive in Fiji. Scuba diving in Fiji is rated amongst the world’s best – need we say more? Besides the commonly seen sea creatures such as turtles, snappers and jacks, you will be greeted with a plethora of other sea animals – most of which you probably never heard of.

6 . Fire-walking in Beqa


Source: xx

Located just off Vitu Levu’s southern coast is Beqa Island and the surrounding Beqa Lagoon. Beqa island is home to a Fijian tribe called Sawau, who originated the traditional art of fire-walking. Be in the shoes of the locals for a day and experience this unique activity.

7 . Hike the Falls of Taveuni


Source: xx

Also known as Fiji’s Garden of Eden, Taveuni Island teems with rare orchids, prehistoric tree ferns, tumbling waterfalls and natural water slides. Don’t miss out on the Tavoro waterfalls which boasts a 60-foot horsetail of clear waters.


With our Top 7 Activities to enjoy while on your beach vacation, are you tempted to jet-set off to Fiji yet?

NuffnangSG is partnering with Fiji Airways and 6 Bloggeratis will be flying to Fiji to try out some of the above activities! 

Stays tuned to our live updates on NuffnangSG social media platforms from 29th June 2016 and experience the Fijian life with us!



Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team

We are always developing new things for the community and this time we’re sure it’s something all of you will appreciate!


In this new era where everyone is surfing the internet on their smartphones more than on their computers, we thought we’d have an easier way for you Nuffnangers to earn from us.

Introducing the new Nuffnang Mobile Ads! We’ve integrated the ad units to be mobile-friendly and look awesome on your blog’s mobile website. Say goodbye to out-of-proportioned ads on your phone screen and hello to Nuffnang Mobile Ads that fits perfectly.

As much as we’d like to skip the technical parts, you have to follow the steps below to insert the mobile ads.

Here’s how you can insert the mobile ads into the Mobile Template of your blog-

  1. Copy the Leaderboard code from our Nuffnang Add Ads Page (Yes! The code can be used for mobile templates as well!
  2. Paste the code in your favourite editor (eg. WordPad, TextEdit)
  3. Add <b:if cond=’data:blog.isMobile’> before the code and </b:if> after the blog as shown below-
  4. 2

    Go back to the HTML section of your blog and paste the entire code directly after the <body> element like in the screenshot below. You can search <body> by pressing Ctrl+F if you’re on a PC or Command+F if you’re on a Mac.

  5. 3After you’ve done that, go ahead and click ‘Save Template‘.
  6. Now, head on back to the ‘Template’ tab and click on the settings button under ‘Mobile‘.
  7. 4Under ‘Choose mobile template‘, choose ‘Custom’ and save your selection.


Tadah! You now have mobile ads on your mobile website! Here’s an example of how the ads will look like on your mobile device:


It’s so simple! Nuffnang Mobile Ads is definitely an easier and more efficient way to expose your ads to your readers, considering the fact that our phones are like an extra limb rather than a communication device, which will ultimately increase your Nuffnang earnings. Plus, with these proportioned ads, your articles are now more reader friendly. Woohoo!

We will be showing more campaigns on the mobile ads from now on, so hop on the wagon, Nuffnangers! Install mobile ads now so you don’t miss out. Be sure to follow us on our instagram and dayre for more updates.

IG: @NuffnangSG

Dayre: @NuffnangSG

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team




The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, music, dance, visual arts and mixed media created and presented by Singaporean and international artists. Did you know that the M1 Fringe Festival has been held annually for 12 consecutive years from 2005 till today?

And majority of Singaporeans still have a misconception that Singapore is largely lacking in the Arts sector – this is definitely not true!

This year, with  19  events  from  12  countries,  the  theme  Art  and  the  Animal  will  be  explored through  a  variety  of  mediums,  art  forms  and  languages. The festival features a total of four commissioned local works, five world premieres and eight Asian premieres.

As we are nearing the end of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, we wanted to share about the Live Fringe shows that are absolutely worth catching! Here are a few exciting picks that you might find interest in!

BITCH: The Origin of the Female SpeciesBITCH 05

Photo Credit: Crispian Chan 

The Origin of the Female Species is a theatrical reclamation of one of the most complex insults in the English language.

In reversing the roles of ‘woman’ and ‘dog, BITCH will compel the audience to interrogate their own assumptions of the fundamental qualities of the human, within a human, as they witness the ‘dog’ impounded in the image of ‘woman’. By illuminating the human/animal divide, BITCH seeks to unshackle perceptions of ’nature’ from the constructs or ‘culture’.

21–23 January 2016, 8pm
Esplanade Recital Studio

La Loba

La Loba 10

Photo credit: Viktor Kronbauer

La Loba (Wolf Woman) is inspired by a story passed through generations of storytellers in many different locations: A woman wanders through the countryside for years, building creatures out of the bones she carries around, bringing animals back to life. She encompasses both life and death.  However, no one can understand how difficult and unbearable her destiny is for her. What if her powers last forever?

A performance that brings the intimate relationship between animals and humans to live, La Loba also portrays the cruel side of humankind where animals are ruthlessly tortured and exterminated for our pleasure. This would definitely touch the hearts of many, also giving us a new perspective on the lives of animals. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

22 – 23 January 2016, 8pm
Esplanade Theatre Studio

Apart from Live Fringe, the festival also encompasses other events such as Fringe Activities and Fringe Highlights. Amongst other productions, a particular one caught our attention – When Bitch meets Butch. This is a talk show that discusses the experiences of Singapore-based female theatre makers, analyzing their works on what it means to own, perform or reject these labels. If you are interested in getting a better insight on the arts industry, this is definitely for you!

Be sure to check out ticket prices from SISTIC!

Sweet deals!

Here are some perks:

All M1 staff and customers can enjoy an exclusive 20% off regular-priced tickets when you present your M1 bill or mobile phone when booking your tickets at SISTIC Authorised Agents. This discount will not apply for purchases via the SISTIC website and hotline.

We hope you’ll enjoy yourselves through these events and UNLEASH your inner animal together with the artists and performers!

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team

Hello Nuffnangers,

We’re excited to share this A-MAY-ZING news with you! Nuffnang is proud to be one of the official event partners for Bare Your Sole 2015. *cues confetti*

This year’s event is really special because some of our Bloggerati and nuffies will be joining in the annual walkathon, baring their soles along Palawan Beach, Sentosa!


For the month of May, do catch our very own Qiuting, Kelvin of Cheekiemonkies, Valerie and Mongchin as Bare Your Sole Ambassadors where they share about this incredible cause and what it means to them personally.


Bare Your Sole brings together people from all walks of life to raise awareness for the plight of a large number of people living in poverty without the ability to afford basic amenities, such as shelter or footwear. Funds raised from the 2km and 4km barefoot charity walkathon supports Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s Project HomeWorks programme, which is a local initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of the elderly, the sick and the physically challenged living in one-room flats in Singapore. Over S$300,000 was raised from last year’s edition of Bare Your Sole, where more than 5,000 participants turned up to show their support. 

To spice up this year’s event, Bare Your Sole has come up with an exciting challenge for you to take part in and show your support online!

#daretogobare2015 Challenge

  1. Take a photo or video of your barefoot in a strange/unusual situation.
  2. Upload it on your social media platforms and explain what you’re doing.
  3. Tag 5 friends and dare them to do the  challenge or else donate at

Just 3 simple steps for you to give back to society while having fun as well! The nuffies are always game to take part in such challenges, so here’s our take for the #daretogobare2015 challenge!

If you want to be part of this amazing cause, online registration is now open! Do your part and give back to society by baring your sole this May!

Registration Details

Online registration for Bare Your Sole 2015 is available at Early bird registration has closed but regular registration is still open till 23 May 2015. Tickets* are running out so do register before it’s too late!


  •  Adult – S$40
  • NSF (ages 17-24) / Student (ages 7-21) – S$30
  • Senior citizen (65 and above) – S$30
  • Family of four – S$120

The event pack collection will be held at the Orchard Central groundfloor atrium over 23-24 May, 2015. Counters will be open from 11am to 9pm daily. After you’ve grabbed your goodie bag, find out more about the cause behind Bare Your Sole at the Habitat Singapore booth, buy lucky draw tickets for a chance to win amazing flight and staycation prizes, get a complimentary health check-up by Fitness First and leave with a photo memory at our free photobooth!

Find out more about Bare Your Sole and Habitat for Humanity Singapore:

BYS Facebook –

BYS Twitter – @bareyoursolesg

Instagram – @hfhsg

So we’ll see you on 30th May, Saturday and remember to come baring your sole!

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team



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