About Us

An overview

Nuffnang.com is Asia’s first and leading blog advertising community.

Our online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or video based advertisements onto the thousands of local blogs that are signed up with us.

To date, over 80,000 bloggers have signed up with our platform in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

Their ranks grow everyday.

Our advertiser rollcall includes bluechips such as Citibank, Honda, Walls, AirAsia, Nokia, Nike, Nescafe, Twisties, and more.

Beyond blog advertising, we also pride ourselves in being a community for bloggers by bloggers.

Nuffnang has been featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star, Malaysia and The Sunday Times, Singapore, amongst other media. Check it out here .

Our story

A Tiny Seed is planted

In late may of 2006, 2 university students, Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen sat having a bento box lunch in London.

Exams were looming, but as with all the conversations between these two greenhorns, the topic was enterprise.

Having both experienced entrepeneurship during their student years, they were like over eager bunnies, ready to unleash their ideas on their home markets of Malaysia and Singapore.

It was in this cosy restaurant that the seeds of Nuffnang.com were planted.

What tree?

The decision was made to start a business, but what business?

Timothy then, had a deep rooted passion in the recent phenomenon of blogging. Having gathered an admirable following of readers with a blog he started with a friend, he lamented over how there was a dearth of relevant and lucrative advertising dollars.

Asia would soon have it’s very own blog advertising community.

Nurturing growth

Months of planning went into Nuffnang.com

And on the business plan, a modest target of 300 bloggers within 3 months had been set.

Even with those targets, there were skeptics, not least the two initiators.

Nuffnang.com.my was launched on 27th Feb 2007 and within the first 3 days, had signed up 300 bloggers. Nuffnang.com.sg was to follow suit 2 months later on the 30th of April.

Today, there are 80,000 bloggers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia and Nuffnang has received publicity from all corners, having been featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star Malaysia, and The Straits Times Singapore.

Thousands of bloggers have been served ads by numerous bluechip companies, such as Nike, Citibank, Nokia, F&N, Walls, AirAsia, Honda, and many more.

More importantly, the community in Nuffnang has flourished, and it has truly become a focal point for bloggers in Malaysia and Singapore. Our bloggers call themselves Nuffnangers, an organic development that we are proudest of.

The best is yet to be.