Must-have mobile apps (Blogger Edition)

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Have you ever wondered what are the must-have mobile apps used by bloggers? Well, we got it all covered for you in this week’s blog. Don’t say we never share!

Since we are often glued to our phones, what’s better than having apps that meet our needs at our very own fingertips? This week, we have 3 bloggersTay Ying, Joyce and Ena Teo to share with us their must-have apps on their phones.

Tay Ying

 1. WhatsApp – basically my main form of communication because I don’t really like talking on the phone or using iMessage (hehe)

WhatsApp Download: iOS | GooglePlay

2. Instagram, dayre and snapchat – my three main sources of entertainment and where I post my content most!

Instagram Download: iOS | GooglePlay
Dayre Download: iOS | GooglePlay
Snapchat Download: iOS | GooglePlay

3. Gmail – most of the time I’m out and so I tend to check and reply my emails a lot on the go

Gmail Download: iOS | GooglePlay

4. SG busleh – I need to know how long it takes for buses to arrive so that I can plan the best route without spending so much time Travelling

SG busleh Download: iOS | GooglePlay


Joyce (aka joycesayshello)

1. Instagram – Instagram is my most used app on my phone after WhatsApp! It is also the app which I use right before I sleep at night and right after I wake up in the mornings. It’s almost an addiction. One of my favourite things to do when bored is scrolling through my following feed because the photos are so lovely to look at!

2. Dayre – Because it is so awesome to be able to update about my day on-the-go and be able to share random/interesting findings. Plus, it is a really the best blogging platform because the community is so positive and encouraging.

3. Snapseed – Don’t know how I can live without Snapseed anymore. The best and most intuitive photo editing app, ever!

Snapseed Download: iOS | GooglePlay

4. Dropbox – My most used app for work. It’s so convenient to transport files from the laptop/desktop to the phone! You wouldn’t want to see the (disorganised and shameful) state of my Dropbox though. Heh.

Dropbox Download: iOS | GooglePlay

5. Uber – I LOVE UBER. It’s a life saver because I can almost always get cabs through this app even when there are no cabs in sight to flag down. Go for UberX because it’s cheaper!

Uber Download: iOS| GooglePlay

Ena Teo

1. Snapseed: Best photo editing app! It can brighten dark photos and enhance the colours of dull photos.

2. VSCO: I love the HB1 filter and use it on most of my photos on Instagram

Download: iOS | GooglePlay

3. Instagram: It’s where I upload most of my recent happenings and keep track of memorable events with family & friends.

4. Boomerang: New favourite, love the cute gif like effect!

Download: iOS | GooglePlay

5. Snapchat: Recently addicted to their crazy filters!

Hmmm… Seems like the common must-have apps for our bloggers would be *drums rolls*…Instagram, Dayre, Snapchat and Snapseed! Hopefully this post has given you a glimpse of what are some of the must-have apps for our bloggers. If you are currently not using those apps right now, why not download them and start using?

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