Trendy foods your Instagram feed will thank you for

Singapore’s food scene has been on an all-time high recently; from salted egg croissants to the latest themed-cafes, even our Instagram feeds have problems keeping up. But hey, everyone loves a variety to choose from and I’m definitely not complaining!

In case you missed them out, we have sourced out some of the trendiest food and cafes that you can probably bring your date to, or even just a simple gathering with loved ones.

1.BAKE Cheese Tart


Photo Credits: Misstamchiak

Originated from Japan, BAKE has been the talk of the town ever since it set foot in Singapore. I mean, why not? BAKE prides itself on only serving the “Best Cheese Tart Ever” and as far as cheese tarts go, it hasn’t disappoint yet.

Insider Tip: Avoid the long queues by buying your cheese tarts during off peak hours. Word has it that the waiting time for BAKE clocked up to 3 hours!

Aileen Lim for food blogger Maureen, more popularly known as Miss Tam Chiak has done a review on the various type of cheese tarts available in Singapore. Head over to Maureen’s website and find out more!

2.Prima Deli Salted Egg Yolk Cheese Tarts


Photo Credits: Clara

Salted yolk crabs, salted yolk buns, salted yolk chips, salted yolk croissants… I can go on and on. But salted yolk lava cheese tart? This is a different ball game altogether. Our new foodie to the family, Clara, popularly known as Exploding Belly, swore by the buttery goodness of this tart. This local creation has won the hearts of many and will continue to win every salted-yolk lover’s heart. ;)

Insider Tip: Toast your tart prior to eating to savor the runny salted egg goodies!

Head over to Clara’s blog and be sure to follow her on Instagram! Don’t blame us if you salivate when you browse through her feed in the middle of the night though J

3.DC Comics Super Hero Café


Photo Credits: Marina Bay Sands

The recent Batman VS Superman movie has got us all hooked onto the DC scene and this DC-themed Café will definitely satisfy the after-effects of the movie. It features superheroes-themed food such as Hall of Justice Combo, Chicken Hawk Quesadilla, Aquaman’s Arrabiata and Batman’s Dark Knight Charcoal Burger.

What is there not to love? While the food in the café tends to be on the pricier side, the view from MBS will be all worth it.

Head over to Marina Bay Sands’ website to find out more about the café!



Photo Credits: Miss Goob

Situated at the roof top of People’s Park Complex, Lepark is the ideal place to lepak (chill in Malay Language). Lepark serves amazing tapas-styled food as well as proper mains. If you’re looking for a chill night session, you’d love to know that Lepark serves an array of craft beers that is not your usual run-of-the-mill beers.

Insider Tip: Lepark even has live getai (song stages in dialects) sessions occasionally. Like their facebook page and stay tuned to their updates!

Jiehui, more popularly known as Miss Goob, went for a taste event for Lepark’s latest menu. Head over to her dayre and find out more about Lepark!

5.Pompompurin Café


Photo Credits: Clara

Pompompurin cafe has been the latest craze as far as themed-cafes go in Singapore. Originated from Sanrio, Japan, Pompompurin is now ranked #1 most popular Sanrio character! From its entrance décor all the way to the smallest details such as seats and cutlery, Pompompurin Café is decorated beautifully with Pompompurin’s characters.

Clara did a review on this themed-café here. Read to find out more!



Photo Credits: ShoutSg

As Singapore first container Gastropark, Timbre+ is an urban food hall that offers a diversity of restaurant-grade food and casual eats at affordable prices. With music and live performances, Timbre+ is the ideal place if you want a relaxing and chill session with your loved ones. The graffiti sprays and abstract arts inside the container definitely livens up the mood.

Do note that Timbre+ closes on Sundays and parking lots are extremely limited, so you might want to park at Fusionopolis or take the train to One-north!

Read more about Timbre+ here at Cheekiemonkie’s blog!

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading about the latest food trends. Happy eating!

Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

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