Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks – For Everyone

Did you know that April Fool’s Day has been around since the 16th century? Apparently, when the Gregorian Calendar was adopted and New Year’s Day was moved to 1st January instead of 1st April, people couldn’t get use to the change. Those who then continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on the 1st April were referred to as “April’s fools” and others played tricks on them.
Even though April fool’s day is cited as an unofficial holiday, people do take them pretty seriously.

Google, for one, is notorious for pranking its users every year.

Netccentric has always been about fun, so how can we miss out on the occasion?


Source: Dayre

One of our Netccentrics, Selina, pasted this all over the Netccentric office last year.


Source: Dayre

It easily livened up the office and got everyone in the mood for April Fool’s.

Now, you are entitled to 24 hours of pranking (harmless, of course) others/get pranked. Go make full use of it! Just remember not to ask anyone to be your beau on that day. Nobody will take you seriously, really.

We gathered a few April fool pranks you can pull on your friends, family members, or even colleagues. It may not be anything damaging, but I’m pretty sure it will annoy the victim to no ends. :P

1. The Insect Lamp


Source: BoredPanda

For everyone who is afraid of insects, this prank cannot get any better. Imagine the horror on their faces the instant the lamp is switched on. Totes worth the paper-cutting effort. If you’re all up for the occasion, improvise this idea in the toilets as well. Draw them on the toilet paper rolls and soon you’ll hear the screeching screams coming from the toilet.

2. Tape an airhorn under a desk chair



Place the airhorn either under a desk chair or tape it to the wall adjacent to the door and get your snapchat ready to record the reaction of the victim. Try visualising the jolt and the possible fall he/she may encounter due to the shock. Yep. I love April Fool’s Day too.

3. Clogged toilet bowl? Not really.


Source: Timothy Tiah

This is a creation of our Nuffnang Malaysia team back in 2013. Old is gold, and in no way is this prank outdated. The Churp Churp team in KL poured coffee into the toilet tank so that you’d be greeted with a flush of brown-coloured water whenever you flush. Read more of the whole experience at Timothy Tiah, our COO’s blog. We suggest that you use food colouring instead of coffee. You don’t want to attract ants into your place, surely.

4. The Mouse Prank


Source: BoredPanda

Effortless but it definitely does the trick.

Be prepared for a scolding from your victim, though. If it was a gaming mouse, they’d probably be very angry at you.

5. Frozen Cereal



This is for all the times your child made you clean up their food messes. Apart from laughing when you observe their exasperated faces, their reactions will definitely brighten up your week. Nothing can be funnier than watching your children fall for a prank like this.

6. Googly-eyed food?


Source: HappyDay

Stick these googly-eyed stickers on all the foods you can find in the kitchen or your office pantry. Better still, stick them on your child’s snacks and candy and watch their reactions when they open the refrigerator.

We hope you had a great time reading this post as much as I had fun writing it. I was giggling to myself when I came across the pranks. Just imagining the reactions of my friends and family makes me excited for April Fool’s Day.

Have a great April Fool’s Day! But remember, nothing harmful!

Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

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