Introducing Nuffnang Mobile Ads!

We are always developing new things for the community and this time we’re sure it’s something all of you will appreciate!


In this new era where everyone is surfing the internet on their smartphones more than on their computers, we thought we’d have an easier way for you Nuffnangers to earn from us.

Introducing the new Nuffnang Mobile Ads! We’ve integrated the ad units to be mobile-friendly and look awesome on your blog’s mobile website. Say goodbye to out-of-proportioned ads on your phone screen and hello to Nuffnang Mobile Ads that fits perfectly.

As much as we’d like to skip the technical parts, you have to follow the steps below to insert the mobile ads.

Here’s how you can insert the mobile ads into the Mobile Template of your blog-

  1. Copy the Leaderboard code from our Nuffnang Add Ads Page (Yes! The code can be used for mobile templates as well!
  2. Paste the code in your favourite editor (eg. WordPad, TextEdit)
  3. Add <b:if cond=’data:blog.isMobile’> before the code and </b:if> after the blog as shown below-
  4. 2

    Go back to the HTML section of your blog and paste the entire code directly after the <body> element like in the screenshot below. You can search <body> by pressing Ctrl+F if you’re on a PC or Command+F if you’re on a Mac.

  5. 3After you’ve done that, go ahead and click ‘Save Template‘.
  6. Now, head on back to the ‘Template’ tab and click on the settings button under ‘Mobile‘.
  7. 4Under ‘Choose mobile template‘, choose ‘Custom’ and save your selection.


Tadah! You now have mobile ads on your mobile website! Here’s an example of how the ads will look like on your mobile device:


It’s so simple! Nuffnang Mobile Ads is definitely an easier and more efficient way to expose your ads to your readers, considering the fact that our phones are like an extra limb rather than a communication device, which will ultimately increase your Nuffnang earnings. Plus, with these proportioned ads, your articles are now more reader friendly. Woohoo!

We will be showing more campaigns on the mobile ads from now on, so hop on the wagon, Nuffnangers! Install mobile ads now so you don’t miss out. Be sure to follow us on our instagram and dayre for more updates.

IG: @NuffnangSG

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Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team

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