The Ultimate 2016 Chinese New Year guide

Have you ever thought of the purpose of Chinese New Year and why we celebrate it?

Not only are we celebrating the start of the new Chinese lunar calendar, it brings families together for annual reunion dinner and visiting. However, in recent years, majority of us are more concerned about the CNY peripherals – our dressing, food, make up etc.

Right, girls?

We strive to look the best, get the best CNY goodies and also capture the Instagram-worthy OOTDs. Instead of exploding your internet tabs with blogshop URLS and scavenge for the best Chinese new year goodies shops, here’s an ultimate Chinese new year guide to meet all your worries.




No, I don’t think so.

For us Singaporeans, dressing to the nines for during Chinese New Year is a norm. While we make sure to look fabulous for our annual meeting with many relatives (that we might or might not meet once a year only), don’t forget that comfort is key! With a full day of walking and indulging in those calorie-laden snacks, you definitely don’t want to reach home with legs full of blisters or a bulging food baby through your body-hugging clothes!

Source: Valerie

Our Bloggerati, Valerie Lim, has shared with us a few of her favourite blogshop apparels – ensuring both aesthetics and comfort is fulfilled. What caught our attention was how she managed to pair up her laced top with sneakers and still look stunning. Advice from Valerie would definitely not go wrong.

Read more about her fashion musings on:

Apart from that, did you know that most of our influencers are owners of fashion blogshops? More commonly known as Tippytapp, Jessica’s love for fashion has blossomed into her very own fashion label: Soigne The Label. As the name speaks for itself, Soigne The Label (define: elegance) prides itself on elegant and sophisticated clothing.

Source: Tippytapp

Recently Soigne The Label launched their second collection just in time for the lunar New Year! Minimalistic designs ensure a longer lifespan of your outfits, just throw on a red lipstick and you’re great to go for the festivities. With their curated creations, you no longer have to worry about outfit clashes on CNY!

Catch her picks of her latest collection at:


Source: The Tinsel Rack

Also, do not miss out on every girl’s favourite (especially the petite sized), The Tinsel Rack. Owner of TTR, Joyce had meticulously picked out outfits that are bound to catch people’s eyes!

Start shopping now! :)

Make up:
Another essential step to look your best on CNY would be what is applied on your face. Our beauty junkie Karman, or most commonly known as Madokeki, saved us the trouble and sought out the perfect make up to get the perfect winged eyeliner. She has tried on countless of products and definitely knows the recipe to perfecting Chinese New Year looks.

eyelinerSource: Madokeki

Read more about Karman and her beauty tips and tricks on!


Source: Bunbunmakeuptips

How can we forget about our beauty guru, Juli? More popularly known as Bunbunmakeuptips, Juli regularly shares her tips to achieve the best look. Her latest post, 12 Useful Tips To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last A Long Time is perfect for you girls! Apart from ensuring that your eyelash extensions looks au natural, you’d want to make sure that they hold up till the end of the day.


Credit: The Mystery Hour

With the Instagram taking the lead in social media, boyfriends/husbands/siblings, be prepared this holiday!



Don’t lose out on the Instagram game. In today’s day and age, capturing the mandatory #CNYOOTD is of utmost importance. Thanks to trusty Cleo Magazine to give us the best tips on how to take the best OOTD shots, may the best (man/woman) hit the most likes on Instagram!

Read more on:



Source: Instagram

Apart from being a fashionista, Mong Chin prides herself on taking the best OOTDs on her instagram. You’d be sure to learn a tip or two from her platform and showcase your Chinese New Year outfits glamorously!



Source: Miss Tam Chiak

As we focus on the commonly sought out food like pineapple tarts, most of us often leave out on the less popular goodies such as love letters. One of our best food bloggers, Miss Tam Chiak, sought out the top 5 love letters for CNY this year which will definitely leave your visitors coming back for more. Check out her blog as she shares about the array of CNY goodies.

Read more at:


Source: HungryGoWhere

Apart from stocking CNY snacks up in our houses for friends and relatives, it also courtesy for couples to give them as gifts to future/present in-laws. To satisfy the taste buds of the elderly, we have to make sure that these snacks are up to standard.

There are endless choices of where to buy our pineapple tarts and bak kwa but has meticulously compiled a list their favourite goodies.


We hope that this guide comes in handy. May you have a great Chinese new year, and do not forget to keep your health in check in light of this festive occasion!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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