Wedding tips for Singaporean brides

Nuffnang Reads: Wedding Tips for Singaporean Brides

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Weddings are always a joyous affair, but the planning behind that one-day event that can turn the kindest of people into bride- and groomzillas. With the rise in number of weddings in Singapore, expectations only grow. Plenty of lot of effort goes into preparation of a successful wedding but with the whopping amount of information on the Internet, it can get pretty overwhelming. This post thus serves to provide you with some tips to make that journey just a little bit easier.


  1. Pre-wedding photoshoot


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There are many things to consider for a pre-wedding photoshoot, starting from the overall look and style you are going for, a local or overseas or indoor or outdoor back drop, the photographer, the editing skills and many more. How would you know if you’ve missed out on any detail?

Maureen draws experience from planning her own wedding and gives 8 tips on what to look out for when planning for your pre-wedding photo shoot.


  1. Choosing the right wedding ring

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Source: Sheila Mandy

Choosing the right wedding ring could be a tedious process. There’s nothing quite like listening to someone who has been there and one that. Allow Sheila to walk you through the process. It’s all in the details when you choose your diamond, your engraving and setting.


  1. The dress


Source: Your Dream Wedding at Park Royal

Choosing dresses can be quite stressful. Other than looking at the myriad of dresses online, you can also get a feel of the dresses that are in trend through wedding shows. The schedule of wedding shows in Singapore will definitely help in choosing the dress that is the one.

Wedding shows also provide more options for locations to hold weddings, agencies and wedding planners. With a rough outlook of the wedding industry, it’ll definitely help you make better decisions with regards to your own wedding.


  1. Support from other brides


Source: Dayre #dayrebrides

When the planning gets tough and nobody understands you, look for people alike! There’s nothing like fellow brides-to-be to share your pain and joy. The bride community in Singapore is ever changing, and if you don’t already know, Dayre is a great app to connect with people like you.

Look for the hashtag- #dayrebrides on Dayre and where the engagement is strong, the support is strong.


May these tips help you in your planning for that one special day of yours!


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