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Many people are considering taking up self defense even when Singapore is touted as one of the safest countries in the world. This is a phenomenon that occurs rightfully so, since even with this title, there are still about over a hundred cases of outrage of modesty per month that are reported. Definite numbers are difficult to access due to under-reporting and this also does not include cases that take place overseas.

With the increasing rate of globalization, more people are traveling overseas. However with gaping difference in security in different countries, there is a growing imperative for everyone, especially women to be able to defend themselves. With that, we trudge forward with fun facts about self defense that could be useful for you!

1. Ninjutsu (the art of self-defense by being a Ninja) is a real thing! 


We actually have a real ninja in Singapore! His name is Nachum Kaplan, and runs a local ninjutsu school. However, ninjutsu is quite different than the ideas we have of ninjas that we get from stereotypes in the media. On the contrary, ninjutsu is a specialised martial art with a strong history that dates back all the way from 900 years to feudal Japan. It is deep, sophisticated and definitely does a lot of damage.

2. Self-defense can get you convicted!


This is an important information to note and will serve as a public service announcement to everyone out there- Self defense can get you convicted. The law for self defense is recorded under the Penal Code, and it states that one should not inflict more harm than necessary to be safe or you could also be charged, with self-defense challenged as a valid reason for violence.

3. Self-defense classes are the new immersion into a culture


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Learning is hardly ever restricted to countries. We learn anywhere, and we learn everywhere. There has been a growing trend of new ways to immerse ourselves into new cultures overseas through learning their art. That is what our Bloggerati Juli did, as she took muay thai classes when she went to Thailand in the early months of 2015. It was a thoroughly enriching and authentic experience learning from locals as she learnt much about self-defense there.

This sums up some interesting information about self-defense that will prove to be useful in time to come be in learning, travel or even the law. Self-defense is a growing trend and should you decide to take it up, I hope this helps you be well equipped in both knowledge as well as what you will learn in physical sessions.

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