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Nuffnang supports the blogging community in creating original content and engaging readers.

As the blogosphere is a largely unregulated ecosystem, there are numerous interpretations of a code of ethics and best practices.

There have been some discussions recently about these interpretations.

With a blogging community that spans 7 countries and over a million publishers, I believe we have a part to play too.

That part we have played everyday since inception. It is evident in the daily actions of our staff, and every communique we have sent out.

This, for the benefit of the wider public is how we operate.

1. Nuffnang encourages all our bloggers to declare if their post was sponsored

Nuffnang was the first in the industry more than five years ago to recommend heavily to our bloggers to mention ‘advertorial’ or ‘sponsored content’ in their posts.

  • We enforce this as best as we can to our bloggers as well as our clients. Our client servicing personnel are trained to educate brands on the potential negative impact on their brands when consumers find out that they have been misled by a review masked as an ad.
  • Our advertising operation staff, who communicate and deliver assignments to bloggers, do so through our automated admin system that states Nuffnang’s stance before they accept an assignment.
  • Finally, Talent Managers that manage the bloggers’ schedules host review sessions with our bloggers twice a year to ensure that our plans, decisions, ethos and processes are in-line with our bloggers.

This has been a position we have maintained throughout the years.

Nuffnang Dashboard- Disclaimer

Example of Nuffnang’s Sponsored Post declaration shown to the blogger, before he/she accepts a Sponsored Post assignment.

 2. Nuffnang updates and presents blogger traffic through our built-in analytics tool

Every blogger that signs up with Nuffnang is required to put a Nuffnang ad unit code on their blog. This allows us to serve ads and more importantly, track their statistics in real-time.

Bloggers are able to login to their Nuffnang dashboard to receive assignments or analyse their traffic.

At the proposal stage, we share blogger profiles that reflect, based on past trends, a snapshot of the bloggers’ statistics. These profiles are updated every quarter. When the campaign is ongoing or has ended, Nuffnang then prepares a report that reflect the true statistics of the blog during the campaign period.

For further transparency, some of our partner agencies have exclusive access to real-time data that mirrors information that the bloggers see on their Nuffnang dashboards, on a platform we call “Nuffnang Insights”.Nuffnang Insights - Real Time Stats v4

Example of how Nuffnang Insights look like when our partner agencies click on the blogger’s profile.The “Blog Traffic” portion is real-time and is the same data as reflected on the blogger’s dashboard. Note: Certain information have been masked to protect blogger’s confidential information Nuffnang Dashboard- Real Time Stats

Example of how a blogger sees his/her stats when he/she logs in the Nuffnang dashboard.

3. Nuffnang pays our bloggers through an automated process

Upon successful delivery of their engagements, our bloggers are credited with their payments into their Nuffnang accounts. After which, they can choose to cash out if they have a minimum of $100 in their accounts.

When a blogger cashes out, it takes a minimum of two months wait time for bloggers exclusive to us, and up to four months for bloggers non-exclusive to us. The dates of crediting are automated from the moment they accept the assignment and bloggers are shown the dates for payment before they accept.

The average time taken for our clients to make payment us ranges from 90 to 160 days, but we pay out to our bloggers regardless if the client has made full payment.

What this means, is that for a blogger engaged by Nuffnang, payments that are delayed, if any, are most likely due to external factors like longer waiting times in cheque processing and postal delivery, not internal factors.

Nuffnang and its associate companies maintain a healthy cash in bank balance that is more than sufficient to pay out bloggers whose payments are due.

Nuffnang Dashboard - Payoutv2

Example of screenshot of dates for cashouts

 4. Nuffnang does not exercise editorial control of our bloggers in any of their organic posts

Nuffnang recognises that a blogger’s authenticity is the very foundation of their influence. Their organic posts are what breathes life into their blog.

It is for this purpose that we NEVER exercise editorial control of our blogger’s organic posts.

They are the ones who conceptualise an article, write it, and eventually make the decision to post it.

They are the ones ultimately liable for their actions and words, not Nuffnang, therefore you might expect that they will resist any attempts to anyway.

I hope this post clarifies our internal position on this matter.

I recognise it is Christmas Eve and most people are busy doing last minute shopping and heading off for family dinners. I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Ming Shen, Cheo

Amanda Tan
Nuffnang Community Team

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