#NuffnangIs007, And We Got The License To Party!


As with the past 6 years, we celebrated Nuffnang’s birthday on 27th February. Call it superstition or sentiment, but we think some traditions, like this, should not be broken! Because we are celebrating our 7th birthday (anniversary sounds too formal and boring for awesome people like us), the teams from all the Nuffnang offices in the region unanimously came up with the theme of 007 the moment we were tasked to start planning for the big day.

The Nuffies got to work brighter and earlier than usual all dressed up to the nines, and headed to Fullhouse Signature Singapore to prepare. Preparations included:

1. Photo-taking… lots of photo-taking

Slide2Slide7 Slide10

2. Setting up the venue


3. Goodie bag packing

We made sure our bloggers got to walk away looking even better than they arrived with make up products from Maybelline and travel-sized skincare products from Philosphy.

maybelline goodie bag

philosophy goodie bag

And because we know that bloggers enjoy taking photos more than anything else (it’s all about capturing happy moments especially birthdays!), a photobooth was set up by La Novella Studio, complete with Instagram print outs whenever someone uploads a photo with the hashtag #NuffnangIs007.

Slide3 Slide4 Slide5

If you were to ask us, we think that no event is complete without some awesome music so luckily for us and the local music fanatics amongst us,  Diya and Carrie (also known as 插班生 The Freshman) made an appearance at the event and kicked start it with an eclectic line-up of music, consisting of their own songs and covers!


After their performance, Boss Ming also gave a touching speech which he claimed he didn’t prepare for, but we were all left touched and inspired after his speech.

To quote the man, “What better purpose is there than to help ordinary people who want to be extraordinary succeed? I guess that is what Nuffnang stands for. We are a collective for the collective. We stand united as a group of people who truly want to help people like ourselves make it in life. Make a difference. Impact and influence. It’s more than the money. And for any blogger reading this I hope they remember it.”

And may we always remember what the Nuffies spirit is all about – “Its about the friendships, the loyalties, the journey, the lows more than the highs, the late nights, and early mornings. Its about u and its about me. Its about passing that forward. About passing it on. No matter which Nuffnang office I go to. I always leave with a feeling of warmth inside me. The feeling of warmth when they dont stop talking about work to one another even when on a dining table. The feeling of warmth when they walk with each other to the train station. The feeling of warmth when they meet up with each other on the weekends. The feeling of warmth when they pitch in to help one another.”


You can read the extended version of his speech on this very touching Dayre post he wrote after the party.

We are not very sure making us well up with tears is a good idea especially since we had some activities planned for the night, but other than ensuring that the bloggers are all fed, we also had iDarts Senso specially bring down one of their dart booths to bring out the secret agents in us.


Throughout the night a number of bloggers came up to us to ask us what the boxy looking thing at the side of the stage was, and when the auspicious hour came, we pushed this up on stage and tadaaaahhhh……

Slide9 Slide12

It IS a birthday cake! This 3-tier fully-customised cake in 3 different flavours (Chocolate Truffle, Pure Addiction and Black Forest) was beautifully crafted by the skilled hands of the bakers (we think they should be called artists!) of Emicakes.

We even had a Pseudo Nuffnang Blog Awards since many bloggers have been asking about the NAPBAS. Here are the winners and their well-deserved trophies and certificates.








Not forgetting these two bloggers who couldn’t make it to the event:



We also sprung a little surprise on Boss Ming and gave him an award for being one of the coolest bosses around!


Special shout-out to one of the biggest stars of the night who was dressed so close to the theme we couldn’t help but present her a special impromptu Best Dressed (or not) Award!


Yes, this is Juli, the beauty (well, the other kind of beauty that day) and brains behind beauty blog Bunbunmakeuptips dressed up as a bandit, complete with facial stubble.


The team would like to take this chance to thank the bloggers and Nuffnangers who have stuck by us the past 7 years as we work towards a bigger and better 8th year that’s coming up. Like what Boss Ming said, Nuffnang is not only about the Nuffies, but it is about you, the Nuffnangers too!


Thank you for the your support, and the community team would love to meet each and every one of you (yes, all 60,000 of you!) at future events!

You can check out the rest of the photos here:

Official pictures

Official Photobooth pictures

Do follow us on our various social media accounts (New Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram) for the latest updates and keep your eyes peeled on this space for upcoming blogging events, contests and the likes!

Qinxin Khoo
Nuffnang Community Team

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