Make It Right For A Better Ride and Win $1,200 Cash! (UPDATED!!)



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Hi Nuffnangers!

Remember the catchy jingle, “Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming!!!!~?” The Graciousness on Public Transport programme is back!  This time, you will read poems, reflections and calligraphies from fellow commuters on how to make our journeys more pleasant by being gracious.  Blog about your reflections on being a gracious commuter and you could stand a chance to win $1,200 in cash!


To win these great prizes, all you have to do is simply blog about your reflections on how we can be more gracious commuters.

Simply follow the steps below:

1)    Like the “We Keep Your World Moving” Facebook

2)    Review the posters here (, choose your favourite poster(s) and insert into your blog post.

3)    Share your own reflections based on your commuting experience and tell your readers how you think our journeys can be made better if more people can be more considerate and gracious.

4)    Sign off with:

Join the “Make It Right For A Better Ride” Twitter contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! More details on

5)    Submit your FULL Name, Contact Number, Email and Blog Permalink in the form below by 22 March, 2359h.

Make It Right For A Better Ride

Amanda Tan
Nuffnang Community Team



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