Glitterati Plus Bloggers’ Meet up – Event coverage

It was a interesting and fun day on the 30th of January 2011 for some of the Nuffnangers. BECAUSE… It was the day of our Glitterati Plus Bloggers Meetup!

And they all got to participate in fun games and activities, and met some of our popular bloggers and learnt blogging tips from them!

Despite the heavy rain and the unsheltered location, we had a good turnout rate! And what’s better than having fun and enjoying the delicious food provided? Of course, it’s to join the Glitterati Plus, an exclusive club which bands together a group of active and enthusiastic Nuffnang bloggers who love attending events, always active and participating in blogging contests and love meeting new friends.

On the day of event, we had our registration table set up, welcoming bloggers. We were worried at first due to the bad weather, but it seemed like it wasn’t affecting our enthusiastic bloggers from coming to our event! :) Ushers and Goodie bags all prepared!

And of course, we had to start off the event with ice-breaking game! All of the bloggers were teamed up in groups of 5-6 people and they had to complete 5 tasks on the tasklist given, with Polaroids taken. What’s better is, the top 3 teams will win a Starbucks $10 loyalty card for each member!

And one of the tasks was to pose with their Limited Edition Jipaban Red Packets given in the goodie bags.

And our Nuffnang staff with the Polaroid camera, going around to take polaroids for the groups.

And after 15 minutes, we had our  top 3 winning teams went on stage to introduce themselves and receive their prizes from Boss Ming!

We hope everybody had fun during the ice-breaking game, and made many new friends! This is what this event about, for bloggers to get together and get to know more about each other right?

And after the ice-breaking game, we had a short presentation done by Amanda, our Community Manager of Nuffnang. We want to grow our Glitterati Plus family and the event was a great opportunity for bloggers who love to attend events, always passionate and enthusiastic about blogging and meeting light-minded blogger friends, to join our exclusive club.

The response was so good that almost all of the attendees signed up for it! Thank you Nuffnangers!

Next up, we had an election for our Glitterati Plus’ President and Vice-President positions. And the nominated candidates are our regulars at events and contests! They are Hong Peng, William, Joanna, Thiang and Janessa.

Everyone had a voting form to cast their votes for the best candidate for the positions. And we had our ‘future leaders’ to share about how they can take Glitterati Plus to a greater height.

And we shall keep you in suspense for the time being. The President and Vice-President would be revealed at the end of this post! :)

And it was time to mingle around to get some food and drinks prepared for our guests!

What bloggers do best? Photos before digging in!!!

And our Nuffnang staff, taking a break from all the hard work.

After the short lunch break, we had our popular bloggers up on stage to share some blogging tips with everyone.

First up, Benjamin Toh! (

Then Qiuqiu (

And Esther (

Our bloggers had shared some really useful blogging tips.

  • Be yourself!
  • Take kickass photos
  • Photoshop is a must!
  • Update frequently

And of course, we had our guest speaker of the day, Dr Leslie Tay (!

His talk was entertaining and inspiring, and all the bloggers were listening so attentively and having fun at the same time.

Dr Leslie Tay was interacting with the audience and giving out his autographed books!

And now… We shall announced our President and Vice-President of Glitterati Plus!!!


Our new elected President, Hong Peng!

And our Vice-President, Thiang!

Congratulations to our newly elected candidates!

Don’t forget! We are having a Post-event Blogging Contest the Nuffnangers who participated in the event!

All you need to do is…

1)      Just blog about the event!

2)      Include  information of Glitterati Plus and how interested bloggers can join

Closing date: 19 February 2011 (Saturday)

You will stand a chance to win…

Dr Leslie Tay’s Autographed Book, ‘The End of Char Kway Teow and Other Hawker Mysteries’!

Winners of the books will receive an email from us on the 21st February (Monday)!

Remember, closing date is 19 February 2011 (Saturday)!

G+ Post-Event Blogging Contest

For Nuffnangers who are interested in joining our Glitterati Plus, but could not make it for the event, you can send the following details to :




Contact No.:

Blog URL:

Twitter Username (if any):



  • You have to be an active blogger who updates your blog frequently.
  • You have to be loyal and exclusive to Nuffnang (of Glitterati membership) -> link to
  • You must love to meet new friends, and love attending events.

There will be a screening process to ensure that you meet these criteria, but once you have been chosen, you will receive a confirmation email after to confirm your membership status! :) Easy as that!

The event photos have been uploaded to our Nuffnang Facebook Page:!/album.php?aid=283542&id=6901956869&comments

And on Flickr:

Do follow our Twitter and ‘LIKE’ our Nuffnang Facebook page if you have not, for we’ll be updating there regularly on upcoming events :)

Twitter:                @GlitteratiPlus , @NuffnangSG


The event was a success! A million thanks to everyone who participated in the Glitterati Plus Bloggers Meet-up by Nuffnang . Without your participation, the event would not have been as successful as it was.

See you all in the near future for our next event!

Amanda Tan
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Christina :

    Thanks guys!

    I had so much fun that day~
    Can’t wait to be added into Gplus.
    I have some pics taken that day too.


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