Be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank (Winners announced!)

Update: Guess what?! It pays to be an early bird! First 50 entries will receive SGD 20 reward from Nuffnang! There’s no reason for you to hesitate now!

Nuffnang and Standard Chartered are partnering to bring you the coolest news ever. Like EVER.

If the word ‘internship’ conjures images of poring over newspaper cuttings, making coffee for grumpy cubicle slaves, or blankly feeding documents to the paper shredder you named Bob… STOP! Internships are so much more than that, and it doesn’t any better than this opportunity to be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank!

Standard Chartered Bank is on the lookout for the ‘World’s Coolest Intern’ to join the Breeze mobile banking team in Singapore. If Tweetdeck and Facebook are the first things to greet you in the morning and the last things you say good night to, you’re exactly the type of person they’re looking for!

Curious to know what’s in store? It’s nothing short of impressive:

– A 6-month internship programme with total remuneration of SGD30,000

– Perks includes training on social media and online engagement from Standard Chartered’s esteemed partners

It doesn’t matter if you’re 19, 29 or 39 – all you need is passion, a thirst for learning, and really fast thumbs to keep up with all the Tweeting and Facebooking.

Come to think of it, the description we just wrote sounds exactly like how we’d describe Nuffnangers – a lively, passionate bunch always ready to learn. We think a Nuffnanger would be a PERFECT fit for the position so yes, we’re challenging all of you to vie for the position of World’s Coolest Intern! Who’s up for the challenge?! *trumpets blare*

It would be totally awesome if all 10 finalists were Nuffnangers, but because there’s only one spot though, we wanna show you how supportive we are and reward you even if you don’t make the cut. :D Here’s what you need to do:

How to Apply:

– Write a blog post titled ‘World’s Coolest Intern’.

– Tell us why you’re cool enough to be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank for a 6-month internship programme and get paid SGD 30,000 for it.

– Use pictures, videos or whatever you can fit into your blog post to tell us why you deserve to win!

– Once you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry by filling in the form below:

World’s Coolest Intern

What You Get:

The grand prize is the chance to be the World’s Coolest Intern at Standard Chartered, of course! But not to worry, that’s not all you stand to win, because the 10 best entries submitted will receive a SGD 80 cash prize each from Nuffnang! The contest starts now and ends 11.59 pm on 31 October 2010, so get snappy with your entries now!

So go on, Nuffnangers, show us what you’ve got. The internship of a lifetime awaits!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Participants must be registered Nuffnang bloggers.
2. Submissions for the contest not made using the form in this blog post will not be eligible to be in the running to win the SGD 80 cash prizes.
3. Nuffnang’s decision to award the prizes is final and binding.


The 10 best written entries (in no particular order)  are as below:

– Suzi Fadhilah (
– Izawati Ahmad (
– Gan Vin Tsen (
– Chan Mun Choy (
– Jinni Tan (
– Irene Octoviani Tan (
– Yang Xiting Lynn (
– Clarence Chan (
– Guai Sing Chi Arevalo (
– Jemimah Wei (

Amanda Tan
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. dorilukey :

    i would love this job! too bad i’m still studying and it would be bad for me to leave uni halfway to be an intern… maybe next time >.<

  2. Soon Yufang :


  3. Rene :

    Hi, I have submitted mine =)

  4. Jayce :

    Submitted !
    Hope others Nuffnangers did well too yeah :)! GOOD LUCK & thanks to Nuffnang Team for giving us such awesome chance to do this challenge!

  5. Audrey Ooi :

    Hey guys!

    I want to become the World’s Coolest Intern with StanChartBreeze. Please help me!

    I believe I have the experience and skills to be Cool! I’ve dabbled in creating websites and the like since 15, and have chalked up more than a year’s experience in marketing (including directing marketing for a boutique film festival) though I’m fresh out of school!

    Most importantly, I have true commitment and passionate about this position – check out my dedicated website chronicling my steps and obstacles to becoming the World’s Coolest Intern!

    Make OOI the World’s Coolest Intern:

    What I don’t have (yet) is a strong digital presence. Please help me achieve this! If you like what you see please pass it along. Facebook, blog, twitter…every little bit helps. Help make my dream come true (:

  6. Sing Chi :

    Good luck everyone! I’ve made my post with my video pitch! I’d love your feedback and, if you feel like it, your support! ^_^

  7. Sarah Lyana :

    This is the coolest thing. ;)

  8. Jake :

    Thanks for this great opportunity guys. I also submitted my entry. Here:

    Thanks much!

  9. dorilukey :

    wow so many submissions! my entry is at

  10. Jem :

    All the best guys! Here’s mine:

  11. Geraldine :

    Oh dang! Contest Ended :(

  12. dorilukey :

    i wonder who won the SGD 80?

  13. rene :

    any update?

  14. rene :


  15. Jem :

    OMG YAY!

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