Singapore’s First Blogger Blood Drive By Nuffnang!!

Nuffnang is organising the first and ever blogger blood drive in Singapore.

Let us Nuffnangers be united and bring many new leases of life!!



 25,000 bloggers can do a whole lot of good for the community at large, and we want to make as much noise as possible!

The Nuffnang team has been hard at work to ensure that whilst our bloggers are doing good, all our bloggers have as fun a day out as possible!

It will be a blogger “festival” of sorts, with games (fun!), movie screenings (interesting!), food (yummy!), and great great company THROUGHOUT the day. Each blogger blood donor will also receive a certificate to commemorate this momentous event, and a very limited T Shirt, to SHOUT TO THE WORLD, “I TOOK PART IN SINGAPORE’S FIRST BLOGGER BLOOD DONATION DRIVE”. You will be so proud of yourself as a blogger and to able to make a difference!

Let’s gooooo Nuffnangersss!!!! We hope to see you there! It’s time to do your part =)



Check out our Facebook Group (you might get to know cool people like yourself in there!) & also embed the AYMT Avatar at the microsite!

TO REGISTER for this event: Email your name, IC no, phone number and blog address to

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Email your queries to

Deadline for registering: 24th November 2008!


(P/S: To set a good example, our Nuffnang staff are donating as well! Hooray!)


Nuffnang Team

Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Justina :

    Will we get any confirmation after registering?

  2. Anna :

    Hello. Are non-nuffnangers welcome to donate?
    you know, the more the merrier. :D

  3. Pris :

    I’m actually looking forward for this donation drive.

    It would be my 4th time donating ! :D

    It’s a nice experience for me and actually when you see many lifes being saved by you, its all worthwhile ((:

  4. Koizora :


    but how ???? how to donate when I am in MALAYSIA ??????

    let me know how ok … I am willing to donate some blood …

    maybe every month ?

    yah I d be honored to.

  5. Tammy :

    LOL! My ONLY nuffnang friend doesn’t wanna donate blood! :(

    Therefore, no one is going with me. Is anyone interested to go with me?! I’M SERIOUS!! HAHA!

    Email me!! – :D

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