Have you ever thought of the purpose of Chinese New Year and why we celebrate it?

Not only are we celebrating the start of the new Chinese lunar calendar, it brings families together for annual reunion dinner and visiting. However, in recent years, majority of us are more concerned about the CNY peripherals – our dressing, food, make up etc.

Right, girls?

We strive to look the best, get the best CNY goodies and also capture the Instagram-worthy OOTDs. Instead of exploding your internet tabs with blogshop URLS and scavenge for the best Chinese new year goodies shops, here’s an ultimate Chinese new year guide to meet all your worries.




No, I don’t think so.

For us Singaporeans, dressing to the nines for during Chinese New Year is a norm. While we make sure to look fabulous for our annual meeting with many relatives (that we might or might not meet once a year only), don’t forget that comfort is key! With a full day of walking and indulging in those calorie-laden snacks, you definitely don’t want to reach home with legs full of blisters or a bulging food baby through your body-hugging clothes!

Source: Valerie

Our Bloggerati, Valerie Lim, has shared with us a few of her favourite blogshop apparels – ensuring both aesthetics and comfort is fulfilled. What caught our attention was how she managed to pair up her laced top with sneakers and still look stunning. Advice from Valerie would definitely not go wrong.

Read more about her fashion musings on:

Apart from that, did you know that most of our influencers are owners of fashion blogshops? More commonly known as Tippytapp, Jessica’s love for fashion has blossomed into her very own fashion label: Soigne The Label. As the name speaks for itself, Soigne The Label (define: elegance) prides itself on elegant and sophisticated clothing.

Source: Tippytapp

Recently Soigne The Label launched their second collection just in time for the lunar New Year! Minimalistic designs ensure a longer lifespan of your outfits, just throw on a red lipstick and you’re great to go for the festivities. With their curated creations, you no longer have to worry about outfit clashes on CNY!

Catch her picks of her latest collection at:


Source: The Tinsel Rack

Also, do not miss out on every girl’s favourite (especially the petite sized), The Tinsel Rack. Owner of TTR, Joyce had meticulously picked out outfits that are bound to catch people’s eyes!

Start shopping now! :)

Make up:
Another essential step to look your best on CNY would be what is applied on your face. Our beauty junkie Karman, or most commonly known as Madokeki, saved us the trouble and sought out the perfect make up to get the perfect winged eyeliner. She has tried on countless of products and definitely knows the recipe to perfecting Chinese New Year looks.

eyelinerSource: Madokeki

Read more about Karman and her beauty tips and tricks on!


Source: Bunbunmakeuptips

How can we forget about our beauty guru, Juli? More popularly known as Bunbunmakeuptips, Juli regularly shares her tips to achieve the best look. Her latest post, 12 Useful Tips To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last A Long Time is perfect for you girls! Apart from ensuring that your eyelash extensions looks au natural, you’d want to make sure that they hold up till the end of the day.


Credit: The Mystery Hour

With the Instagram taking the lead in social media, boyfriends/husbands/siblings, be prepared this holiday!



Don’t lose out on the Instagram game. In today’s day and age, capturing the mandatory #CNYOOTD is of utmost importance. Thanks to trusty Cleo Magazine to give us the best tips on how to take the best OOTD shots, may the best (man/woman) hit the most likes on Instagram!

Read more on:



Source: Instagram

Apart from being a fashionista, Mong Chin prides herself on taking the best OOTDs on her instagram. You’d be sure to learn a tip or two from her platform and showcase your Chinese New Year outfits glamorously!



Source: Miss Tam Chiak

As we focus on the commonly sought out food like pineapple tarts, most of us often leave out on the less popular goodies such as love letters. One of our best food bloggers, Miss Tam Chiak, sought out the top 5 love letters for CNY this year which will definitely leave your visitors coming back for more. Check out her blog as she shares about the array of CNY goodies.

Read more at:


Source: HungryGoWhere

Apart from stocking CNY snacks up in our houses for friends and relatives, it also courtesy for couples to give them as gifts to future/present in-laws. To satisfy the taste buds of the elderly, we have to make sure that these snacks are up to standard.

There are endless choices of where to buy our pineapple tarts and bak kwa but has meticulously compiled a list their favourite goodies.


We hope that this guide comes in handy. May you have a great Chinese new year, and do not forget to keep your health in check in light of this festive occasion!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team




The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, music, dance, visual arts and mixed media created and presented by Singaporean and international artists. Did you know that the M1 Fringe Festival has been held annually for 12 consecutive years from 2005 till today?

And majority of Singaporeans still have a misconception that Singapore is largely lacking in the Arts sector – this is definitely not true!

This year, with  19  events  from  12  countries,  the  theme  Art  and  the  Animal  will  be  explored through  a  variety  of  mediums,  art  forms  and  languages. The festival features a total of four commissioned local works, five world premieres and eight Asian premieres.

As we are nearing the end of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, we wanted to share about the Live Fringe shows that are absolutely worth catching! Here are a few exciting picks that you might find interest in!

BITCH: The Origin of the Female SpeciesBITCH 05

Photo Credit: Crispian Chan 

The Origin of the Female Species is a theatrical reclamation of one of the most complex insults in the English language.

In reversing the roles of ‘woman’ and ‘dog, BITCH will compel the audience to interrogate their own assumptions of the fundamental qualities of the human, within a human, as they witness the ‘dog’ impounded in the image of ‘woman’. By illuminating the human/animal divide, BITCH seeks to unshackle perceptions of ’nature’ from the constructs or ‘culture’.

21–23 January 2016, 8pm
Esplanade Recital Studio

La Loba

La Loba 10

Photo credit: Viktor Kronbauer

La Loba (Wolf Woman) is inspired by a story passed through generations of storytellers in many different locations: A woman wanders through the countryside for years, building creatures out of the bones she carries around, bringing animals back to life. She encompasses both life and death.  However, no one can understand how difficult and unbearable her destiny is for her. What if her powers last forever?

A performance that brings the intimate relationship between animals and humans to live, La Loba also portrays the cruel side of humankind where animals are ruthlessly tortured and exterminated for our pleasure. This would definitely touch the hearts of many, also giving us a new perspective on the lives of animals. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

22 – 23 January 2016, 8pm
Esplanade Theatre Studio

Apart from Live Fringe, the festival also encompasses other events such as Fringe Activities and Fringe Highlights. Amongst other productions, a particular one caught our attention – When Bitch meets Butch. This is a talk show that discusses the experiences of Singapore-based female theatre makers, analyzing their works on what it means to own, perform or reject these labels. If you are interested in getting a better insight on the arts industry, this is definitely for you!

Be sure to check out ticket prices from SISTIC!

Sweet deals!

Here are some perks:

All M1 staff and customers can enjoy an exclusive 20% off regular-priced tickets when you present your M1 bill or mobile phone when booking your tickets at SISTIC Authorised Agents. This discount will not apply for purchases via the SISTIC website and hotline.

We hope you’ll enjoy yourselves through these events and UNLEASH your inner animal together with the artists and performers!

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team


Dear 2015,

You’ve been such an eventful year. This has truly been a year of many changes. There were quite a number of notable moments this year, so let’s take a step back to see how far things have come for Nuffnang.


Company trip

  • Company trip

The Nuffnang team has grown substantially since our first days. 2015 came with many internal changes and development plans for expansion. Naturally, we’ve also had new people come in to keep the energy up and operations going.

Company trips are an annual event for #nuffiesaroundtheworld where nuffies from the Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China offices come together and get to know each other better. This is one time where we get to meet the others from the regional offices and get to know people from our own office even better!


8 birthday

  • 8th birthday

Our 8th birthday was quite a milestone! 8 years into the industry, and Nuffnang is still going strong as the top Blog Advertising Network. We are very proud to have come thus far.

The theme of the party was 8 onto ∞, where we aim for greater heights, and work towards a bigger and better Nuffnang, all around the world. This was also the time of the white/gold or blue/black dress viral phenomenon. Since our dress code was white & gold, Ming decided to be trippy and come in blue and black.

The birthday celebration was a huge success as there was an explosion of congratulatory notes all over social media. Both influencers and nuffies shared their well wishes for the company with hashtag #nuffnang8irthday. That was indeed one of our most favourite times of the year!

If you’re craving for more, relive the good memories through photos on our photo album!


Passing of LKY

  • Passing of LKY

With heavy hearts, Nuffnang went to pay our last respects to Singapore’s greatest founder, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We joined the line on the very first day from 10am, and through that, witnessed the Singapore spirit as fellow Singaporeans helped each other with the long wait. Mr Lee might not be around anymore, but we will keep him and his aspirations close to our hearts as we work towards a home that he would be proud of.



  • NDP SG50

National Day was especially meaningful this year, not only because of the passing of Mr Lee, but also because it was a celebration of the amazing 50 years Singapore has come thus far. This SG50, Nuffnang partnered with the National Day committee and had our bloggers join in and share about the festivities. Older Singaporean icons as well as memorabilia definitely brought a lot of memories back!

Check out the thoughts of Becks, Kelvin and Joyce as they wrote about their exclusive experiences before and during the parade!



  • IPO

2015 was a big step for Nuffnang as we became a publicly listed company. Tons of sweat, blood and tears went into the planning and execution phases. When it eventually materialised, our CEO Ming and COO Timothy could not be happier. Big plans await!



  • Garuda Indonesia Trip

We also had one of our biggest media trips with our bloggers this year- our Garuda Indonesia trip! 8 bloggers were invited to go on the trip – Andy, Charlene, Shenny, Evonne, Randy, Sheila, Zoe and Jessica Tham.

It wasn’t an easy trip as it required a good amount of physical endurance as the bloggers did quite a bit of trekking and hiking. Call times were also often at odd hours in order to catch certain events. But overall, it was a great trip as bloggers had the chance to explore places they would otherwise not be able to on a regular trip.



  • Nuffnang Bloggers Conference

We had our first ever blogger conference! The blogging industry has been changing and we wanted to take time to also educate our bloggers on the changing landscape of the digital industry. We had speakers come in and share about various things- from online to offline, from Instagram photo taking skills to search engine optimisation. All in all, it was a really fruitful session for everyone.

After the event, Hotel Jen Tanglin also kindly extended invitations for a staycation for our influencers and Nuffnang stuff. Definitely a one of a kind experience!


new bloggers

  • New bloggers

Clockwise: Audrey, Andy, Sheng Jun, Keline, Rachel Wong, Nicole Choo

Here are some of the bloggers we have onboard in 2015!

Each of these bloggers have a unique take on life. Take a read at their blogs and you’ll find that they have plenty to offer.



As a career mom to beautiful baby Kayla, Audrey writes about her different experiences as a mom and owner to Churros 101.





As dad to 4 cheeky little kids, Andy shares about adventures he and his family goes on, and parenting tips when he can.




Sheng Jun

As a national swimmer, we get an exclusive look into how it is like as an athlete in Singapore.





Keline is a bubbly lifestyle blogger who loves sharing about every aspect in her life.




Rachel Wong

Rachel has been in the scene for some time now, and she continues to be loved widely by her readers for being very true to herself.




Nicole Choo

Nicole is a blossoming YouTuber who has been building great rapport with fans from her YouTube channel and blog.





2015 has been a year full of ups and downs but has definitely re-energised us as we went through challenges to get to where we are today. We would just like to take the chance to thank every single one of you who have supported Nuffnang through the years. Plans for 2016 is already looking exciting and we look forward to the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Mabel Yeo
Nuffnang Community Team

The season of giving is upon us and RakutenSG is giving all of you an opportunity to WIN a trip to Japan!

In October, two of our Bloggeratis, Benjamin and Peishi, headed over to Central Japan, Kanazawa City for a scenic and cultural experience! You can head over to NuffnangSG’s Official Social Media accounts to take a look at our photos! :)

So many things to do, so little time to explore! We’ve listed down the 5 Best Things To Do At Ishikawa Prefecture, so read on to find out!

  1.   Pick your own fruits at Kaga Fruit Land


In the Ishikawa Prefecture, the fields of different fruits like grapes, apples and strawberries are vast and beautiful. It was a one-of-a-kind experience as we had the opportunity to pluck and taste fruits directly from the branches. The fruits were extra sweet and fresh considering most of them were our handpicked pieces!


You first choose the bunch of grapes that you like, take off the paper that wraps it, cut it off, and voila! Your very own bunch of fresh grapes! Enjoy your freshly plucked fruits on the slopes of the vineyard, and as the Japanese do, spit the grape skins and seeds into buckets.

Trivia: The Japanese don’t eat their grapes with the skin on! They usually spit out the skin along with the seeds.

If you haven’t gotten enough of the fruits, you can also help yourself to some fruit chips, fruit wine, jams and many other local produce at their store. You’ll find produce that you can’t find elsewhere in Japan but, only at the Kaga Fruit Land.

  1.   Be cultured at Yunokunino Mori, Kaga Traditional Cultural Amenity, Traditional Handicrafts Village


From ceramicware to washi paper, glass-blowing workshops to chopsticks making classes, Yunokunino Mori offers many different types of traditional Japanese crafts. In the Ishikawa Prefecture, they are well known for their gold leafing- this was the place where we had a hands-on experience in creating our own gold leaf decor plate!


There are many different ways of using the gold leaf, which we witnessed later on in our trip and it shows how innovative the Japanese can get. Everything from face masks, sweets to even a gold leaf tatami mat!

  1.   Kimono experience at the Geisha District (Higashi-chayagai District):

Kimono actually means “thing to wear” (source:Wikipedia), and it is worn during important festivals or formal events; a representation of courtesy and respect.

As some tourists like a taste of such cultural experience, many places rent out kimonos for a period of 2 hours to a full day to cater to their needs. Tourists can then wear a kimono for a day or two around Japan.


Our kimono rental was in Kanazawa City, where Peishi and Benjamin both donned their kimonos and took a stroll along the Higashi-chaya District, one of the biggest tea houses there. These places are also known as the geisha districts.


Arriving in the late morning meant there was already a crowd and it was difficult for us to take great photos. Nevertheless, as the area is maintained from its original glory, most tea houses were very photogenic and they make great photo spots!

Ben & Peishi (Rakuten events banner)

  1.   Kanazawa Castle Park:

The castle has been burnt down several times over the centuries and in the most recent fire in 1881, only two storehouses and the Ishikawa-mon Gate survived. The castle had a fort function with loopholes for matchlocks on the outer wall to defend the castle from enemies. (source: Kanazawa Tourism)


The castle park is huge, although filled with tourists; there are many beautiful sceneries within the park itself. You can find ponds, water fountain and mini water falls linking from the castle to the park in a separate compound.



  1.   Chirihama Beach Driveway/Rice paddy fields/Traditional Japanese Lodging House:


Go for a car-ride on the Chirihama beach, the only beach in Japan where you can drive your car on. It’s made of tightly compacted fine sand making it firm enough for a pleasant drive. However, if you caught Peishi’s sapchat, you should’ve seen how we hit a pothole on the beach and everyone was thrown forward in the car.


It was definitely a memorable and wonderful experience to enjoy a car-ride on the beach, stopping midway and enjoying the breeze, the sunset and the vast sea. Followed by a short eye-opening trip to Senmaida rice terraces to see it illuminated with the LED lights during the night.

Coupled with the amazing views, Peishi and Benjamin ended the day at Mangetsu Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. You can expect a shared toilet, public bath (for all guests) and the best handmade food including soba. Despite being secluded from convenience (the nearest 24hr store was about 15-20mins walk away), it was one of the best stays we’ve had.

It definitely marked off as one of the best experiences we had in Japan. We agreed that Japan is a country that you wouldn’t go to on a first choice (unless you’re really into Japanese culture), and if you’ve visited Japan once, you’ll ALWAYS want to return. The culture, courtesy, cleanliness and delicious delicacies of the country are what pulls us back.

Our adventure in Japan was such a memorable one as we learnt and understood more about the Japanese culture and what they had to offer at the Ishikawa prefecture. If you would like to go on a similar trip to ours, we have good news on how you can have the chance to WIN a trip to Japan!

This trip was made possible thanks to all our partners:


Check out the link HERE, where you can simply spend above $50 in a single receipt on Rakuten and stand a chance to win a trip to Japan!

For a limited time only, simply leave a comment on why you want to go to Japan with ANA on their Facebook page and 2 lucky winners will win a trip to Japan!

Be sure to take part before the promotion ends on 27th December!

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

We had an enjoyable flight experience thanks to the seamless transit and the pleasant in-flight comfort and service by All Nippon Airways (ANA), the 2nd largest airline in Japan that services both domestic and international destinations.

Not forgetting the hospitable team from Ishikawa prefecture for giving us the liberty to have a private car and a guide and translator, Yuko-san, to help in all the little translations required.

Phillip Insurance

As with all travels, come insurance, which we had little to worry about because we were all covered by Phillip Insurance.

Having partnered with more than 10 General Insurance partners, PhillipCapital would be your one-stop customised solution for all your insurance needs.

You can easily reach them at 6531 1555 or walk-in to any of their 12 Phillip Investor Centres.


Lastly, being in the media industry and having our lives revolve around networking, we were kept connected through the trip with VisionData, we were glad to be able to update on the go, and share with everyone what was going on during the trip!

Finally, thank you everyone who made this memorable and amazing trip possible for us.

Check out their videos below for a concise summary of their experience in Japan!

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team

Nuffnang Lovin' Collateral (Pre)

Nuffnang Lovin’ x Color Face Makeup Academy

12 December 2015, Saturday

2pm – 5pm

52 Horne Road, Level 3 Singapore 209071

With all the festivities coming up, are you FACE READY and prepped for the upcoming parties, Christmas celebrations and countdown parties? Fret not, if you are not equipped with the skills required! Join Nuffnang and Colourface’s professional make-up artists to learn a couple of useful make-up tips and tricks that would come in handy during this festive season.

What you can expect?

  • Make-up do’s and don’ts
  • Tricks on how to transform day make-up to night make-up
  • Choose appropriate colours and enhancing your assets
  • Create a Christmas inspired look

That’s not all! We will also be giving away a Pandora Box (worth $100) filled with make-up goodies to each attendee for the day. You can expect a day full of fun experience with great company and food!

Who can you expect?

Our bloggeratis Lian Meiting and Karman will also be there to share some of their favorite beauty tips and tricks at the event as well. Hence, do not hesitate to say hi to them!

All you have to do is RSVP below by 4 December 2015, 12 noon. As there are limited slots, do RSVP quicky! You will be receiving a confirmation email on the 8 December 2015.

Sign up now and you’re well on your way to impress your friends during Christmas.

Stay beautiful, girlfriends!

Nuffnang Lovin' x ColourFace Christmas

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team

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