If you don’t already know, Nuffnang’s parent company, Netccentric celebrated our 10th anniversary on 30 August with a bang! To commemorate this momentous occasion, here are our top five favourite things we enjoyed at the party and we hope it will bring the celebration to you as well.

  1. Slow-mo videos at the photo/video booth!

Pictures are the best way to immortalize precious memories and what better way to do it than the ever popular photo booths!


What made the photo booth at Netccentric’s 10th anniversary celebration so unique this time is that on top of what we are familiar with – the fun shots, props and the memorabilia we get to bring home, we also got to be involved in a slow motion video! All our confetti throwing, poppers popping moments were captured on video that we can look back on in time to come.

It was definitely more fun than simply snapping a photograph as we got to interact even more with each other when we knew that the camera were rolling! A new but equally merry way to snap pictures and even a video at photo booths!

  1. Thoughtful goodie bags

The theme of our celebrations surrounds #welivesocial. Apt, as Netccentric is a social media advertising agency and our goodie bags matched the theme perfectly.   Each guest – staff, clients and talents alike walked home armed with all the necessary tools to help us increase our social media savviness in the thoughtfully packed goodie bag!

Check out what we had in this cool stop motion video!

  • 2017 desk calendar

Following a water colour and calligraphy theme, the 2017 Netccentric table calendar is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contains a column for your monthly goals!

  • Macro and fish eye lens with a dare for guests to take a selfie with a stranger

Following the #welivesocial theme, we dared guests to make use of the lens for a selfie moment and to break the ice with each other ;)

  • New #welivesocial Dayre stickers

Our favourite in the goodie bags are none other than the limited edition #welivesocial Dayre stickers! Now, we can use them both online and offline for situations that are beyond any words.

  • Leather bind

A chic leather bind to keep your earphones tangle free. Definitely a must have for everyone because we know how frustrating it is to have our earphones tangle up in our bags!

  • An array of food vouchers courtesy of Creative Eateries

Last but not least, to fill our tummies even after the event are these food vouchers from Creative Eateries. Ranging from Bangkok Jam to Freemantle Seafood Market, we are looking forward to eat to our fill!

  1. Yummy food

The cocktail dinner of the night was proudly brought to us by Creative Eateries as well. The menu included grilled scallop, mini burgers and aglio olio. Bite sized food not only tasted delicious but also allowed us to continue mingling with guests!


We always have space in our tummy for desserts; baked lovingly by our Blogger-preneur Jessica Loh (Shiberty) from Shiberty Bakes. We were treated to a whole range of Jessica’s specialties that included colourful macarons that not only tasted great, but looked so aesthetically pleasing as well! Definitely made us and our cameras happy that night.


Of course, the night is not complete without some alcohol and we were honored to have Chang’s Beer. There is no better beer to have a jolly good time with our guests!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It was a hearty evening with good food, sweet treats and a cheeky pint of beer!

  1. Music and entertainment

It is not a party without music! This year we are pleased to have with us 53A to serenade us with pop songs that we could sing along with. It was most relevant for us to have 53A that evening as they were also the band who sang this year’s National Day theme song Tomorrow’s Here Today, singing their hopes and dreams for the next fifty years for Singapore. As the Netccentric family came together to commemorate our milestone and also to look forward to our next milestone as well!


Accompanying us through the night was our host, Cordelia, who engaged with guests and made the evening memorable for all of us. We certainly enjoyed having Cordelia with us as well!


  1. Gathering as one big family!

The Netccentric 10th anniversary party was an occasion to thank everyone who has contributed to our success. It is definitely a good time to celebrate our accomplishments, learn from past mistakes and be forward looking!

It was heartwarming to see talents from Nuffnang, Churp Churp and Dayre interacting and having fun with each other, clients and staff from different departments bonding well and enjoying the night together.


Thank you to everyone who has played an important role and helping Netccentric to get to where we are today!

If you want to see more of what went down at Netccentric’s 10th Aniiversary celebrations, head on over to or to join in the fun (online)! ;)

Alison Ong
Nuffnang Community Team

The September holidays are coming, hooray! If you are thinking of going away for the week, here are some places that you can consider on your well-deserved break.

  1. Copenhagen

If you’re thinking of taking a long break, consider Nyhavn, Copenhagen, a romantic and Instagram-worthy city.

Sept hol 1


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is a city with many cosy restaurants, beautiful architectures and environmentally friendly amenities. After all, it was named the world’s greenest city back in 2014. On top of that, Copenhagen is also closely related to the dreamy fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen as many of it were set in Copenhagen. Your pictures are sure to be Instagram worthy at every corner of this beautiful city.

During your trip, you can have a cosy dinner at one of the restaurants or simply buy a beer and have a chat at the quayside.

Sept hol 2


One of the must-do activity that allows tourists to enjoy and see the city is to go on a relaxing boat ride along the canals in Copenhagen. Staying true to its green roots, these Danish boats from GoBoat are made from sustainable materials and its batteries are also powered using solar power! You can even enjoy your meal or have a drink during your boat ride as there is a table in the middle of the boat.

Travelling with kids? Fret not, taking a ride on the GoBoat is family friendly. Fulfill your dream of becoming the captain of your own ship (or boat, in this case) as GoBoat does not require any prior license or experience.

Sept hol 3


Another attraction in Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. This one’s for the thrill seekers out there.

Sept hol 4


Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park with a long history since 1843. You can find fun rides for both adults and young kids there!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, rides such as The Demon , The Star Flyer , The Golden Tower & Vertigo will definitely be up your alley.

There will always be something for someone here at Tivoli Gardens. Catch the many concerts and stage shows if you’re looking for something less adventurous and enjoy rides that are not only nostalgic but also fast speed rides to get your heart pumping. Also, remember to stay until night falls as the place will be magically lit with thousands of lights, creating a perfect backdrop for the most beautiful photos.

Sept hol 5


To really enjoy your time in Copenhagen, rent a bike and cycle through the beautiful city like a local! It is not only environmentally friendly but you also get to discover sights you’ll probably will not see if you take other modes of transport.

With the bicycle friendly environment such as wide, spacious lanes, it will definitely be a pleasure discovering the scenic Copenhagen on bike.

For more things to do in Copenhagen, visit Beatrice‘s blog for more!

2. Macao

If you’re only looking for short getaway, why not visit Macao for their awesome food, rich historical sites and amazing performances!

Sept hol 6


An iconic site would be the Ruins of St. Paul, a short visit there would make you be awed by its beauty. This Catholic Church has an interesting history and many tourists flock to Macao to visit the church each year.

Fun Fact: The church was burned down in 1835, which explains that only the front structure remains.

Be prepared to be patient in getting everyone out of your frame if you’re planning to snap pictures of yourself with the church!

Sept hol 7


Not too sure what is the ONE food you can’t miss when you’re in Macao?

It is definitely feasting on these mouthwatering Portuguese Egg Tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery & Café? Recently, they were awarded the “Best Macao Restaurant” in OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2016.

Sept hol 8


Throw the sight-seeing aside, be prepared to get entertained by some of the world’s greatest magicians at The House of Magic. Young or old, who doesn’t love magic shows? It will leave you guessing and amazed at the mind boggling tricks performed.

Sept hol 9


Feast your eyes with a lights and water show at Performance Lake!  A fun fact about the Performance Lake is that it utilizes more than 300 water nozzles and shooters and 800,000 gallons of water for its installation. And the best thing? It’s free to watch! We’re sure kids and adults will be impressed.

Missuschewy shared with us a 3D2N itinerary for Macao and you can check it out at :)

  1. Melbourne

September is the start of spring in Melbourne! A perfect time for more adventures and fun activities in the cool weather! It will be a great time to tour around the city :)

Sept hol 10


Pay a visit to the 12 Apostles and enjoy the breathtaking view of the limestones, blue sky and emerald waters. For even more picturesque photos, visit the place during sunrise or sunset as you will get lovely sunrays in your shots.

Sept hol 11


Another beautiful spot for your Instagram shots is The Grotto. The best timings to visit this place would be mornings or late evenings. Oh! And you’ll definitely need a wide angle or fish eyes lens for your camera to capture the beauty of the place. This is definitely for all those nature lovers out there.

Sept hol 12-1


Mong Chin highly recommends this cup of coffee brewed lovingly by the people at Market Lane Coffee. Try it out on your next Melbourne trip because you deserve a good cup of coffee on your getaway. Give your taste buds a treat this September.
Sept hol 13-1


This place needs no introduction because you would have already seen pictures of these iconic colourful bathing boxes on your Instagram feed! Located at Brighton Beach, it is one of the must-visits when you’re in Melbourne.

Get ready with your outfit and camera gear because you will end up with non-stop snapping and plenty of fun ;)

For more Melbourne adventures, visit Mongabong’s blog:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

  1. Malaysia

If you’re just looking for a simple and near getaway with more laidback activities, you can visit Sinar Eco Resort in Johor, Malaysia that is just across our shores.

Sept hol 14


Located 30-40 minutes away from Singapore Tuas checkpoint, it is a perfect place for those in search of a tranquil holiday, away from the hustle and bustle city life. Take this time to relax and recharge at this resort.

Sept hol 15


Don’t let the resort interior fool you! These may be container rooms but they are definitely not less equipped than your typical hotel rooms. The pleasing aesthetics of these container rooms makes it extra cozy, making us want to laze in bed all day.

Sept hol 16


If you are not keen on lazing around but looking for activities to spend your time, Sinar Eco Resort also provides many for you to choose from.

Sept hol 17


From ATV Buggy Ride to archery, choose from an array of fun filled activities with your loved ones. For a more laidback activity, you can go for pool, karaoke and swimming too!

Sept hol 18


At Sinar Eco Resort, step a little closer to nature as you’ll find yourselves gushing over the cuteness of the farm animals! You can live the kampong life by feeding the goats, sheep, chicken ducks and so on.

Sept hol 19


After a long and fulfilling day with all those fun activities, sit back and enjoy your BBQ dinner specially prepared by the chefs. You don’t even have to grill your own meat! How awesome and convenient is that :)

For more details, take a look at Shennyyang’s entry:


September Nuffnang Reads:



Alison Ong
Nuffnang Community Team

It was our nation’s 51st birthday on 9 August and we hoped that you have had an enjoyable celebration with your loved ones!

Now that NDP 2016 has come to an end, we hope that you are still busking in the celebratory spirit of the nation so let’s take a few minutes to reminisce those moments on what we loved and what we wished we had for this year’s NDP :)

  1. NDP Fun Packs

NDP Image 1


To those who have been to previous NDP shows, we all know that we have to queue to collect our NDP fun packs. Even though the highly anticipated goodie bag is worth it, the dreaded wait in the humid weather does dampen our moods slightly! This year however, the NDP fun packs were placed on every seat, making it so much more convenient for spectators. Thank you NDP for the thoughtful gesture!

We must also mention that the design of the fun pack is fuss free, lightweight, waterproof (new beach bag that can keep my belongings dry!) and versatile (can be used as a sling or haversack) in the colours of our national flag.

Everyone was given a LED wrist brand in the fun pack which is synchronized to the music and light displays during each performing act, increasing the interactivity and participation of the audience.

With the many different modes and colours, we loved how it was a beautiful sea of light with a message put across to the citizens of Singapore – that we are One people, One nation.

2. National Stadium

NDP Image 2


Believe it or not, it has been a good 10 years since National Day was held at the National Stadium! This year, we’re finally back at the new National Stadium, a larger space which is able to accommodate 30,000 more seats than the floating platform. This also means that more Singaporeans were able to join in the fun and celebrations!

The cutting edge technology of National Stadium’s retractable roof surely signifies how far Singapore has come in these 51 years in the field of technological advancement.

3. Fireworks

NDP Image 3


Did you know? This year’s fireworks display at the National Stadium was the largest scale of indoor fireworks! If you remember last year’s Southeast Asian Games, the indoor fireworks at this year’s NDP is actually five times larger in scale! WOW!

Those who did not manage to grab tickets to attend the NDP, we hope you didn’t miss the fireworks display that was set outdoors, over the Kallang Basin!. No NDP is complete without fireworks and we were in for a treat with an impressive and magnificent display of fireworks, both indoors and outdoor!

4. 3D Projections

NDP Image 4

The use of 3D projections for this year’s NDP provided a refreshing experience to the crowd as it was something out of the ordinary NDP acts from the previous years.

Tying in with Singapore’s vision of being a smart city, the 3D projections played a big bulk in the narration of Badang and the Singapore story. This not only greatly helped audiences follow the storyline of the show but also visualize how Singapore would be leading up to SG 100!

5. Kallang Wave

NDP Image 5


How can we forget about the Kallang Wave? Since this year’s NDP was held at the National Stadium, it was more than heartwarming to be able to be part of the Kallang Wave after 10 years!

What better way to celebrate our nation pride than to do the Kallang Wave during the nation’s 51st birthday!

6. An Inclusive Singapore

NDP Image 6

A heartening segment of this year’s NDP was to bring out the importance of inclusiveness in Singapore. A nation is only as strong as its weakest link and as Singapore progresses, it is also crucial for us to unite as a country that does not leave anyone behind.

This year’s inaugural introduction of a song singing segment saw both audience and performers singing our National Day favorites in unison. Sweetheart, Neoh Yew Kim from the Singapore Association for the Deaf performed along with 150 volunteer with special needs.

It was definitely a joyous occasion to see the whole stadium in hearty grins, singing and signing along.

Of course with a brand new venue, there would be things that we miss from previous National Day Parades!

Extravagant outdoor fireworks!

NDP Image 7


Unfortunately, due to the stadium’s design, the audience had restricted view for the array of outdoor fireworks display. As one of the highlight of the NDP, it is understandable that many may be disappointed with the limited view of fireworks.

However, with the grand indoor fireworks addition to this year’s parade, I am sure that the audience still appreciated the firework display to usher in our country’s 51st birthday!

We miss you – Red Lions, Aerial Show and Mobile Column

NDP Image 8


The annual Red Lions parachute display, also a highlight at every year’s NDP, was sadly not part of this year’s NDP due to safety reasons. Admittedly, we love to watch the Red Lions parachute performance as they take their jump from above! We definitely miss this exciting parachute display and hope that in the coming year, they would continue to be a part of the NDP tradition!

NDP Image 9


Another yearly tradition and one of the most exciting segments of the parade, we’re missing the loud thunderous roars and magnificent showcase of the Singapore aircrafts jetting across our sunny sky.

NDP Image 10Source

You may or may not have noticed that the mobile column segment was also not a part of this year’s NDP. While there was no military vehicles that showcased our military might this year, there were still many other refreshing new elements in the show that we thoroughly enjoyed!

More singing!

NDP Image 12


Some felt that the singing segment could have been longer! After all, it’s only once in a year where Singaporeans get to sing national day songs with gusto! Our hearts are always warmed by the lyrics of the songs as it speaks about the love we have for our country and people.

Nevertheless, this year’s NDP theme song “Tomorrow’s Here Today” by 53A sings of our hope and dreams in the coming fifty years as our nation tackles new challenges and celebrate our victories together. The pop song is youthful, forward looking and upbeat; we can’t help but sing along with glee when we hear and sing along to the song!

As the song says, “Take a leap and you will fly, With all the wishes that you own, Make your dreams light up the sky, Home is where you’re not alone” we encourage all Singaporeans to live their dreams courageously!

All in all, even though there were some segments that were excluded in this year’s NDP, new additions such as the indoor fireworks, 3D projections, and the use of drones provided a new and different experience for us this National Day.

With this year’s NDP message “Building our Singapore of tomorrow”, it is the first show of the next fifty years as we march together as one united nation!

Lastly, let’s be grateful and recognize the efforts of the organizing committee and everyone who had played a part in making this year’s NDP a successful one :)

We are also glad that we were once again a Major Sponsor in this year’s NDP 2016, supporting them on the online front. You can also check out #NetccentricxNDP2016 for more coverage!

Until next year!

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Follow us on Dayre if you have not! :)

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team

Dear Talents,

In two weeks’ time, Netccentric will be celebrating its 10th year Anniversary.

Almost ten years ago I started my internship with an obscure startup called Netccentric. While startups today have bean bags, Herman Miller chairs and a pantry that gives the M&M store in Times Square a run for its money, this startup had nothing of that sort. Instead of a glitzy office this startup was based in the backroom of a site office of a construction site with old wooden tables and plastic chairs that look like they were stolen from the nearby Roti Prata stall.

I soon understood why. The founding principle of Netccentric was to be a long term sustainable company and in order to do so it had to be profitable. In order to be profitable it had to live within its means so it was spending money it made rather than money it raised.

This long term view of Netccentric was grounded in the businesses that the company is in today. When it comes to talents be it in Nuffnang or ChurpChurp, Netccentric’s ambition isn’t to find influencers who are already popular and broker deals with them to make a quick buck. Instead the plan is to find hidden gems and talents that we can add value to and then grow with them to make them the social media stars they are today.

Looking back here’s what we have done to build the blogger and influencer ecosystem that exists all around Asia-Pacific today.

1. We built an industry that allowed for full-time bloggers or influencers

The emergence of social media brought the rise of an influential group of bloggers and influencers with reach that go from the thousands to millions. With their newfound followers and fame, influencers had a pain point. How do they earn enough money so that they could focus all their time on doing what they love?

In came Netccentric to help solve this pain point that influencers had. We educated the clients on why they should invest in influencers and who they should invest in. We went for thousands of meetings and planned and pitched strategies for social media campaigns. Our work doesn’t end at selling deals through. Our team handles everything from executing the campaigns, reporting and following up to ensure that we and our talents get paid. This machinery works in the background of every paid opportunity that you see on social media.

Today, many of our top talents earn enough money to quit their full-time jobs and focus on doing what they love be it blogging or vlogging. Yet our work is not yet done for our mission is to bring financial independence not just to the top influencers but the mid-size ones that we have today too.

2. We created opportunities for new experiences, adding to our influencers’ mix of content.

Apart from financial independence, Netccentric’s motivation is to add value to the content our bloggers and influencers created. One of the ways we did so was by opening the door to new experiences, be it a trip to Japan or to Hongkong. Many of these trips aren’t paid and Netccentric makes no money from it but we do it, because it’s part of our mission to help talents grow.

Today we’ve not only flown hundreds if not thousands of our talents to different locations but we also have active close relationships with tourism boards all over the world from Dubai to Fiji Island. On a recent sponsored trip to Croatia that Netccentric arranged, Xiaxue, Fourfeetnine, Rachel Wong and Peary Pie traveled the coast of Istria, hunted for truffles and made a splash in the local newspaper.


3. We invested in a Talent program to groom and market our Talents

As I’ve talked about a few times earlier, a big part of our long term vision is not to just work with existing popular social media stars but to groom new ones. We are serious about creating the next social media star and have invested millions of dollars in doing so. Just last year, we engaged the services of acclaimed PR agency, Asia PR Werkz, to raise the profiles of our Talents regionally.

In Singapore, Qiuting (or popularly known as ‘Bong Qiu Qiu’) is the living proof of our efforts. Since she joined us 6 years ago, we’ve helped and watched proudly as her traffic grew more than ten times, and helped expand the portfolio of brands that have worked with her.

Following her pregnancy, we successfully clinched year-long ambassadorships such as Philips, Biolane, Merries, Expressions post-natal slimming, each snagging five-figures per ambassadorship and cementing her as one of our top earners. She’s evidence that blogging can be a comfortable and financially rewarding career.

On the PR front, more recently she had a feature published in The Straits Times, and graced the cover of Celebrating Life by Thomson Medical.


Qiuting is a testament that our hard work and resources can go hand-in-hand in creating a success for our Talents.

4. Friendships were fostered, both locally and around the globe


As it is with many other things in life, when it comes to the power of influencers there is strength in numbers. So another part of our vision is to connect influencers across different countries and continents. Having a presence in the 8 countries around the region has enabled us to do this effectively and the friendships fostered have led to collaborations between the influencers which have led to the expansion of their following.


We’ve also seen foreign Talents visiting local offices during their holidays, supporting our local talent’s new clothing line launch and even marriage between influencers who met through our community!


5. We’ve worked with industry partners to regulate the social media space

As the major players in the influencer industry, we understand the importance in working with industry partners to develop the guidelines in this increasingly crowded yet unregulated space.

Internally, we published a set of professional and ethical guidelines that guides the way we work on social media. This Handbook gets distributed and explained to our Talents whenever they join our program.

We have since partnered with ASAS (Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore) to finalize advertising guidelines in social media and engaged local tax man IRAS to further define bloggers and influencers’ taxable income.

We hope to expand our efforts regionally to help our local talents navigate their way to quality and ethical content.

The Future

Today, Netccentric is a company that has over 200 staff in 8 countries. Funds raised from our IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange last year has armed us with a war chest. We need to take this growth further and to do more to grow the blogger and influencer ecosystem in the countries we’re in. We are also opening in new markets namely Indonesia and Taiwan which will then expand the Netccentric network and create more opportunities for our talents.

Beyond that, we are also committed to our next mission to help people connect and influence others through their stories. It’s the reason we’ve created Dayre, and the viral content we’ve seen created has only affirmed us further on this track.

As for me, I’ve grown from an intern to a Regional Director of the company overseeing the 200 staff. I have also since become a shareholder of this valuable company.

I’m honored and humbled that you’ve stuck with us through this time, and I promise that in the decade ahead, Netccentric will work better and harder to continue to be on the forefront of social media.

Thank you for the great ten years. Here’s to the next ten years.

The best is yet to be.

Hui Wen Yang
Regional Director, Netccentric Ltd

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team


As we lean in closer to the nation’s birthday on 9 August, we have gathered a list of places for you to catch the fireworks this year!

1. Kallang Wave Mall

Probably the nearest location to view the fireworks at a close distance. We foresee that the place will be packed with crowds even before dawn so if you want a nice spot, go early!

Grab some food to last you through the night from the various restaurants or eateries in Kallang Wave Mall! For a list of restaurants or eateries,

Nearest MRT: Stadium MRT
Address: 1 Stadium Place, 397628
Getting there:

2. Tanjong Rhu Place

tanjong-rhu-bridge-01 (1)Source

If you’re aiming to include the National Stadium in your pictures, the walkway will be an ideal spot for you to snap your perfect fireworks.

Things to note:
Finding a toilet nearby may be hard since the nearest toilet would probably be at the Kallang Wave Mall. Remember to make a trip to the toilet before settling down at your spot!

Also, accessibility may be restricted due to road blocks.

Remember to check for roadblocks before planning your route!
For a list of road blocks due to NDP 2016,

3. Walkway along Republic Avenue

Nearest MRT: Nicoll Highway
Getting there:

 4. Beach Road HDB estates

Those living in Beach Road HDB estates will be able to view the fireworks in the comforts of their homes! Lucky you if you’re able to enjoy the fireworks view without leaving your house!

Just grab your movie snacks and camp at your windows for the fireworks!

5. Grassy area along Kallang River


Nearest MRT: Lavender
Getting there:

You can probably bring a picnic mat and have a mini picnic with your loved ones before waiting for the fireworks display!

6. Nicoll Highway Park
A 5-min walk from Nicoll Highway MRT, you’ll still get a decent view of the fireworks. Probably an option for those who will prefer the less crowded places! Tip: Bring an insect repellent as you do not want to get insect or mosquito bites

Nearest MRT: Nicoll Highway

 7. Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza


Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, 018956
Nearest MRT: Bayfront
Getting there:

If you’re someone who loves the Singapore cityscape at night, why not enjoy the fireworks show at MBS Event Plaza? You get the both worlds of the Singapore cityscape as well as fireworks!

8. The Promontory, Marina Bay


Address: 11 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018940
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place
Getting there:

This is another alternative for those who are thinking of having picnics while waiting for the fireworks show! How about some kite flying too? As many people would be thinking of going to the promontory, don’t forget to head there early to get the best views!



Follow us on dayre if you have not! :)

Michelle Lim
Nuffnang Community Team



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