ndp1One year ago with our bloggers and Netccentric staff while packing for SG50’s Funpacks
Credits: Dayre

It has been a year since us Singaporeans have celebrated our golden jubilee and we’re proud to announce that..
Netccentric will be partnering with National Day Parade again for SG51! :)


Nuffnang blogger and alphas with Brigadier-General Kenneth Liow, Chairman of the NDP 2016 Executive Committee at SG 51’s NDP media event
Credits: Xinlin

Netccentric has been heavily involved in SG50’s NDP event – read all about it here at our CEO Boss Ming’s Dayre. It was a priceless experience to be a part of SG50; from packing the fun packs for the residents of Singapore to penning down sincere and thoughtful wishes, we definitely felt the unity and pride to be a Singaporean. Imagine the excitement that we get to partner with NDP again this year!


Brigadier General Kenneth Liow, Chairman of NDP 2016 Executive Committee, starting of the media programme.
Credits: Xinlin

This year’s NDP theme will be Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow. As the name speaks for itself, this year’s National Day Parade calls on all Singaporeans to remain strong and work towards Singapore’s future as one people.


Chelsea Lim, the brainchild behind SG 51’s logo
Credits: Brenda

This year’s celebration will be nothing short of amazing:

Unlike any other year where NDP is held at Marina Floating Platform or Padang, SG51 NDP will be held at the newly renovated Singapore Sports Hub after a 10 year hiatus which will allow 275,000 Singaporeans – double that of previous NDPs – to celebrate Singapore’s birthday together.

Apart from traditional favourites such as the Parade and Salute to the Nation performed by five F-16D fighter aircraft, this year’s celebration will consist of unmanned technologies, 3D projection displays, aerial displays involving performers and props, and indoor fireworks for the first time ever! Just like any other NDP, SG51 NDP will definitely be a memorable and meaningful to all Singaporeans.

Read more about our influencers’ experience during SG51 NDP’s media event here:

Xinlin – NDP 2016: Concept, Theme & Logo
Brenda – NDP 2016: Concept, Theme and Logo
Kelly Latimer

Stay tuned to Nuffnang’s platforms as we will be updating the latest news regarding SG51’s NDP!

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Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

Did you know that April Fool’s Day has been around since the 16th century? Apparently, when the Gregorian Calendar was adopted and New Year’s Day was moved to 1st January instead of 1st April, people couldn’t get use to the change. Those who then continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on the 1st April were referred to as “April’s fools” and others played tricks on them.
Even though April fool’s day is cited as an unofficial holiday, people do take them pretty seriously.

Google, for one, is notorious for pranking its users every year.

Netccentric has always been about fun, so how can we miss out on the occasion?


Source: Dayre

One of our Netccentrics, Selina, pasted this all over the Netccentric office last year.


Source: Dayre

It easily livened up the office and got everyone in the mood for April Fool’s.

Now, you are entitled to 24 hours of pranking (harmless, of course) others/get pranked. Go make full use of it! Just remember not to ask anyone to be your beau on that day. Nobody will take you seriously, really.

We gathered a few April fool pranks you can pull on your friends, family members, or even colleagues. It may not be anything damaging, but I’m pretty sure it will annoy the victim to no ends. :P

1. The Insect Lamp


Source: BoredPanda

For everyone who is afraid of insects, this prank cannot get any better. Imagine the horror on their faces the instant the lamp is switched on. Totes worth the paper-cutting effort. If you’re all up for the occasion, improvise this idea in the toilets as well. Draw them on the toilet paper rolls and soon you’ll hear the screeching screams coming from the toilet.

2. Tape an airhorn under a desk chair



Place the airhorn either under a desk chair or tape it to the wall adjacent to the door and get your snapchat ready to record the reaction of the victim. Try visualising the jolt and the possible fall he/she may encounter due to the shock. Yep. I love April Fool’s Day too.

3. Clogged toilet bowl? Not really.


Source: Timothy Tiah

This is a creation of our Nuffnang Malaysia team back in 2013. Old is gold, and in no way is this prank outdated. The Churp Churp team in KL poured coffee into the toilet tank so that you’d be greeted with a flush of brown-coloured water whenever you flush. Read more of the whole experience at Timothy Tiah, our COO’s blog. We suggest that you use food colouring instead of coffee. You don’t want to attract ants into your place, surely.

4. The Mouse Prank


Source: BoredPanda

Effortless but it definitely does the trick.

Be prepared for a scolding from your victim, though. If it was a gaming mouse, they’d probably be very angry at you.

5. Frozen Cereal



This is for all the times your child made you clean up their food messes. Apart from laughing when you observe their exasperated faces, their reactions will definitely brighten up your week. Nothing can be funnier than watching your children fall for a prank like this.

6. Googly-eyed food?


Source: HappyDay

Stick these googly-eyed stickers on all the foods you can find in the kitchen or your office pantry. Better still, stick them on your child’s snacks and candy and watch their reactions when they open the refrigerator.

We hope you had a great time reading this post as much as I had fun writing it. I was giggling to myself when I came across the pranks. Just imagining the reactions of my friends and family makes me excited for April Fool’s Day.

Have a great April Fool’s Day! But remember, nothing harmful!

Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

We are always developing new things for the community and this time we’re sure it’s something all of you will appreciate!


In this new era where everyone is surfing the internet on their smartphones more than on their computers, we thought we’d have an easier way for you Nuffnangers to earn from us.

Introducing the new Nuffnang Mobile Ads! We’ve integrated the ad units to be mobile-friendly and look awesome on your blog’s mobile website. Say goodbye to out-of-proportioned ads on your phone screen and hello to Nuffnang Mobile Ads that fits perfectly.

As much as we’d like to skip the technical parts, you have to follow the steps below to insert the mobile ads.

Here’s how you can insert the mobile ads into the Mobile Template of your blog-

  1. Copy the Leaderboard code from our Nuffnang Add Ads Page (Yes! The code can be used for mobile templates as well!
  2. Paste the code in your favourite editor (eg. WordPad, TextEdit)
  3. Add <b:if cond=’data:blog.isMobile’> before the code and </b:if> after the blog as shown below-
  4. 2

    Go back to the HTML section of your blog and paste the entire code directly after the <body> element like in the screenshot below. You can search <body> by pressing Ctrl+F if you’re on a PC or Command+F if you’re on a Mac.

  5. 3After you’ve done that, go ahead and click ‘Save Template‘.
  6. Now, head on back to the ‘Template’ tab and click on the settings button under ‘Mobile‘.
  7. 4Under ‘Choose mobile template‘, choose ‘Custom’ and save your selection.


Tadah! You now have mobile ads on your mobile website! Here’s an example of how the ads will look like on your mobile device:


It’s so simple! Nuffnang Mobile Ads is definitely an easier and more efficient way to expose your ads to your readers, considering the fact that our phones are like an extra limb rather than a communication device, which will ultimately increase your Nuffnang earnings. Plus, with these proportioned ads, your articles are now more reader friendly. Woohoo!

We will be showing more campaigns on the mobile ads from now on, so hop on the wagon, Nuffnangers! Install mobile ads now so you don’t miss out. Be sure to follow us on our instagram and dayre for more updates.

IG: @NuffnangSG

Dayre: @NuffnangSG

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team

7 days of school holidays too short for a proper trip?

In the previous post, we provided you 6 holiday destinations for 6 long weekends in 2016 but we figured out that some of us just do not have the luxury of time to escape Singapore for a break.

Your teachers probably wouldn’t let you off from assignments during the measly March holidays, we know, but hey you are allowed some fun time too!

Ditch the ridiculously priced movie plans with your friends and before you start complaining that Singapore has nothing to do, allow me to introduce you some of the places that are far more worthy than the $13 movie ticket you are going to fork out; some even require no admission fee!

1) Movie Mob

marchread1 Source

They say the best things in life are free, and I totally agree.

Movie Mob is a free Outdoor-Drive-In Movie Screening concept that takes place in all locations around Singapore. Screenings are usually award winning films, so if you missed it in the theatres, you know where to go.

Movie Mob has locations from malls to outdoor spaces in your neighborhood precinct, so do not worry about not getting a chance to experience this unique event. If you are lucky, you may even get a chance to witness wedding proposals!

More information at:

2) i Light Marina Bay



From now till 27 March, I Light Marina bay offers an array of creative and innovative light artworks – free! Yep, admission is free. On weekends, the festival is extended to 12 midnight.

Apart from the artworks, be sure to look out for live bands and street shows. From 26th to 27th March, there is even a tribute for our late Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew held by Nanyang Polytechnic students.

I’m pretty sure your Instagram feed will thank you for the photos and the experience will definitely be different compared to the usual late night drinking sessions.

More information at:

3) Haw Par Villa



A park rich in chinese folklore and mythology, everyone should at least visit Haw Par Villa once. In the age where majority of us are starting to lose touch with these traditional chinese values, Haw Par Villa will surely serve up as an educational trip while retaining the fun factor.

More information at:

4) K Suites



Besides the movies, karaoke is definitely the next go-to destination whenever you need to unwind.

We all know how prices are usually jacked up during the holiday season and before you know it, the bill for a group of 4 can easily reach more than a hundred dollars. Furthermore, the cheaper ones are ALWAYS fully booked (plus rooms are usually awfully small).

For a 3 hours singing session, inclusive of 1 drink, you’d be surprised to find out that students are entitled to their $12 nett promotion during weekdays. You can even receive a Food of the Day when you gather 5 friends to K Suites.

Good quality sound system, comfy room, cheap price. What more can you ask for?

More information at:

5) Bubble Soccer



Being encased in a bubble while playing soccer with your friends only mean that you will laugh till you drop. Originating from Norway, bubble soccer has quickly gained a following in Asia.

Do not belittle the effort needed for the game; it is extremely draining. Bubble soccer is perfect for building camaraderie, so if you need to organize a team bonding event, this activity is definitely ideal.

For just $15/pax, you get to enjoy 1 hour of bubble soccer and a list of other perks that the package comprises.

Check out Bumblebump’s website for more information and other deals that you are entitled to!

6) Laser Tag



If you do not want to suffer the aftermath of a paintball session but still fancy a thrilling experience, then laser tag is definitely for you. Just like bubble soccer, laser tag will leave you perspiring buckets even for a 10 minute session.

If you still require further affirmation that you should try out laser tag, read our dayre post to find out how Netccentrics thoroughly enjoyed the game when they went for company retreat in Guang Zhou.

More information at:

7) Lazarus Island



This is the furthest you can get away from the responsibilities back at home, while still remain in Singapore.

While the facilities and activities available are not on par with what Sentosa can offer, the serene island will ensure you a rejuvenating day off with your loved ones. No more jostling for an empty space at the beach? Count me in.

More information at:

8) Easter Eggstravaganza at Universal Studios Singapore



Parents, take a day off and head over to USS as they celebrate the month of Easter with your children!

Apart from the usual rides, USS has included a series of live events such as “An UnEggspected Wedding” and a special egg hunt with an exclusive Minion Easter Egg treat. If you’re willing to splurge, you can even get up close and personal with the Madagascar characters when you sign up for the USS buffet lunch.

Once again, Kelvin (AKA Cheekiemonkies) has compiled an extensive list of 60 March School Holiday Activities in 2016. If you still think Singapore is a boring place, think again.

More information at:

I hope you’ll find the above mentioned places helpful and possibly give you more ideas on where to go this school holidays!

Rachel Heng
Nuffnang Community Team

As the celebratory mood wears off from Chinese New Year and the recent festivities, we find ourselves back to the daily grind.

Seems like a while ago when we just kicked off 2016, but did you notice that we are already one quarter into the year?

Before you forget about the “travel more in 2016” resolution you promised yourself at the beginning of the year, let us give you some suggestions to some getaway locations to spend the upcoming long weekends!

For parents/students, you know it will come in handy for the upcoming March school holidays ;)


Source: Public Holiday

While we have fewer long weekends as compared to the Jubilee year, taking strategic leave from work is still an option to allow a getaway :)

The MOST important travel tip: always try your best to book your air tickets 7 weeks prior to your travelling date to avoid price surges. A personal favourite of mine to check out flight prices is Skyscanner.

While not absolutely accurate, Skyscanner provides a general guide and saves you the trouble from going over multiple airlines’ websites. Do also remember to check out Scoot for their Tuesday deals or even Singapore Airlines for some super worthy travel promos!

Below are 6 different countries you can go to for a solo trip, trip with a group of friends or even a family trip.

1. Pattaya, Thailand


Source: Google

A place that is increasingly gaining popularity, Pattaya is small town which boasts a lively nightlife apart from day activities such as parasailing and jet skiing. Before you jet off to the ever familiar Bangkok to satisfy the Chatuchak coconut ice cream craving, consider a beach holiday at this picturesque town.

Parents, you’d be comforted to know that Pattaya offers several kids-friendly activities! Our daddy blogger Kelvin had a blast with his children at the Pattaya Sheep Farm, for an entry fee of just $2!!




Source: Cheekiemonkies

Check out what Kelvin has to say about the trip to Pattaya. As a parent, Kelvin, or more commonly known as Cheekiemonkies, also understands the woes of going on a family trip, which is why he saved you the trouble and came up with a list of children-friendly countries to visit! Trust us when we say it’s super insightful.

2. Komodo Island


Source: Im-chacha

While we’d love to have a long trip, our hectic schedule often does not permit us. If you are tied down with school/work commitments this March holidays but still long for a short break out of town, Komodo Island would be the ideal place for a short trip.

The surrounding waters of seagrass beds and coral reefs makes it THE perfect place to dive. Fancy an adventure yet don’t want to exceed your budget? We bet you’ll fall in love with this island.

Charlene, more popularly known as Iamchacha, shares her visuals on the world’s largest Komodo lizard (how do you think the island got its name from?)  be sure to read more on her adventure here!

3. Taiwan


Source: Im-chacha

For the lucky ones out there who are able to free up more time, Taiwan is the one country that every shopaholic and street food lover has to go. Do we need say more?

Once again, it is pretty evident that Charlene loves Taiwan so much for she dedicated a tab specifically for the country itself. Check out more here for her latest updates – we don’t know any better way to introduce Taiwan to you!

4. Guang Zhou


Source: Nuffnangsg

I know, why would I suggest this part of China instead of something more fanciful like Beijing?

That was what many of our Singaporean Netccentrics thought so too when they headed there for their yearly company retreat. Turns out, almost all of them enjoyed the trip and were pleasantly surprised by what Guangzhou has to offer.

Live blogging using the handy Dayre app gave us a more in depth understanding on Guangzhou’s culture.

Check out the Dayre posts of some of our Netccentrics’ entries at:

5. Cebu, Phillipines



Source: Remote Islands

Cebu is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. If you’re willing to indulge in a more luxurious trip as compared to the countries aforementioned, Cebu should be at the top of your list.

While not as popular as Phillipines’ main capital Manila, Cebu offers an array of activities that are bound to keep you packed during your holiday.

Read more on the ever reliable Tripadvisor for the list of reviews that travellers offered when they visited Cebu.

6. Kukup


Source: Google

A small fishing village in Johor, Kukup is famous for its open air seafood restaurants built on stilts over the waters.

If you are looking for a place for a get-together with a large group of friends yet do not want to spend too much on the trip, Kukup would fit the bill.

Read more about Kukup at as they provide extensive information on the recommended chalets to book and the activities they have.

We hope this guide comes in handy when you are planning your vacations with friends/family! Continue to push on before the next holiday arrives J

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