Many of you have came across the ALS Ice bucket challenge on social media; some have attempted the challenge, some have donated while some, just enjoyed the entertainment.

But do you have any idea on what ALS is really about and why the ice bucket challenge? :)

What is ALS exactly?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. This progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS will eventually lead people to their death.  (

So why the ICE BUCKET challenge?
The ice bucket is not for-show but instead, it mimics the nerve-jamming motion (when the ice cold water poured on you) that one would feel if they have ALS!

Well, on less serious note, here are some of the challenges attempted by our bloggers and the nuffies!!!!
Different people, different locations but one goal in mind – The ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Isn’t it exciting?! :D

Awesome Nuffies at Nuffnang’s roof top!

Rachell Tan, a DIY and lifestyle blogger ( that refuses to waste water hence she went to kids water park! How creative, Rachell!

Soh Pei Shi, the dainty and tiny lifestyle blogger who did it in her own bathroom!
Check out her blog post here :

The brother dual, Ben and Randy, who blogs individually decided to do it at their corridors!
Check out Ben’s blog :
Check out Randy’s blog :

Our client, Vulcan Post also attempted the challenge! Here’s their take on the challenge:

Funniest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that got us nuffies laughing!! :

Coolest  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge goes to : Paul Bissonnette!!

If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to make a donation, head on to!!

To end the post, here’s a quote to share:
“The best gift to give, is to give”

Venice Ng
Nuffnang Community Team

Remember our last post, whereby bloggers were invited to a day of fun with Superfly Monkey Dragons?

Here’s an update of what we did during the workshop and how everyone enjoyed themselves! Who doesn’t like the random exercise that we get from doing something fun like parkour.

So I guess the very first question would be WHO or WHAT is Superfly Monkey Dragons?

The Superfly Monkey Dragons is a Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency that offers progressive instruction in the Philosophy and Practice of Parkour.

In their academy, they believe that Parkour is more than just physical discipline, “Parkour is for everybody” is what they believe in, and it’s about overcoming obstacles, focusing on the development of the mind, body and spirit!

Without further ado, read on to find out what we did during the workshop!

Practically most of us who attended the workshop knew nothing about parkour, maybe heard of it, watched some videos off youtube about parkour, but we’ve never had a go at doing it before! We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into at the start.

Of course videos made everything look easy. Even magic tricks looked easy on Youtube!

If you remember, parkour is when you see people jumping and climbing (not the proper terms) over walls, and railings, and well.. Practically jumping everywhere!

Parkour actually trains a lot of core muscles and, GUTS. Most girls lose it as we age, we used to be able to jump everywhere at the playground and climb everything that was tall, but, as we grow older, and realize what pain is, we stop exploring.

It’s about learning our limits, capabilities and potential. Courage is what you’ll be able to develop as you learn to manage and overcome fears, and build your physical power. You’ll remember the joy of discovery you had as a child, learning to crawl, run, climb and jump, parts and parcel of learning parkour, rediscovering the simplicity of motions.

The young and enthusiastic coaches guide you through the whole course, making sure that you don’t fall or break any bones. They encourage you when you lack the courage and push you when they think you have the potential to go further.

Instead of all the writings, here’s letting the pictures do the talking!

20140712-IMG_4834 ©2014 Remus Devin Koh Photography



©2014 Remus Devin Koh Photography

Our bloggers and staff that participated in this workshop did more than just a short conditioning; we worked every muscle in our bodies, woke up every sense in our bodies and made many new friends. Have you ever seen an introduction done that was this cool? Everyone was on fours, self-introducing themselves, getting used to the idea of needing all your limbs in parkour.

Closed our eyes whilst doing knee high jumps, heightening all our senses, listening to our surroundings, connecting to the people around us.



©2014 Remus Devin Koh Photography

Wall Climbs – definitely wasn’t anything easy for the girls. Having to hang onto the wall (for dear life), however, the guys went from the “high” wall to the higher wall, conquering each part as though it was peanuts. Ambry, the female coach, showed the girls, it’s not about the size, anyone can climb high walls with enough practice and determination!

20140712-IMG_4973 20140712-IMG_4991

©2014 Remus Devin Koh Photography

Exercising the legs with precision jumps by coach Ben, after all the arm muscles used during the wall climb. Had a small game that was called “Hot Lava” and even spiced it up by omitting conversations! Lasted till the last person dropped off the ledge right at the last step! It involved trust, team work and attention to surrounding, knowing each other’s movements.


©2014 Remus Devin Koh Photography

Jumping railings always seemed cool right? And now, we’ve put a name to this technique, vaulting. This segment was taught by Coach Nick, having all the other coaches assisting as the group splits into smaller pairs to try out this interesting technique. It might be just a few of us, or more, but we did have the fear of falling as we tried vaulting, and the coaches assisted us well!

Definitely the day was a hectic and fruitful day, and many of us probably went home with muscle aches and maybe some bruising, but I believe that all our bloggers would agree it was worth the experience. We finally know how much effort goes into that effortless looking vaults and jumps! To sum up this experience, watch this video done up by Superfly Monkey Dragons.

Once again, thank you Superfly Monkey Dragon for having Nuffnang for this workshop! It was a great experience!

Want to know how the bloggers felt about the workshop? Want to know what’s in it for you? Check out their blogs!!

ClaressaKa Man Jasmine Victorina Tiffany Tim

Do stay tuned to Nuffnang’s blog as we open out workshops to bloggers like yourselves!

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team

Nuffnang Lovin' Collateral X Superfly

3PM – 5PM
SPORTS ATTIRE (Something you can move around in comfortably)

Running out of things to do this year? Here’s something fun for you to learn and get a good exercise out of!

What is Superfly Monkey Dragons?

The Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency offers progressive instruction in the Philosophy and Practice of Parkour.

What is Parkour?

Emanating from the combative obstacle course training carried out by the French Military, Parkour at the most elementary level is about learning to move from point A to B in the most effective way which includes overcoming obstacles in your path by jumping, climbing and passement (passing through).

Wonder how it looks like and how fun it is? Check out the video below to understand more about Parkour!

As there are limited spaces available, bloggers will be selected at random and only selected bloggers will be notified before 09 July 2014.

Nuffnang Lovin' x Superfly Monkey Dragons

Madeline Chin
Nuffnang Community Team

Remember our #brothatsnotok posts?

To read more about our previous post, click HERE.

At Nuffnang, most of our staff are women and it is unthinkable that in this day and age women are still being oppressed in so many ways.


Did you know that…




UN Women urges everyone to learn how to identify what violence against women is and how to seek help for those who do not have the strength to do so.

Men and women alike should UNiTE to End Violence Against Women, you can share your thoughts on their official Facebook page, or leave us a comment.

You can also join the cause here at w and most importantly, SHARE THIS with all your friends; let’s make the world a better place for men AND women alike.

Amantha Koh
Nuffnang Community Team

It’s that time of the year again, where tertiary/university students have graduated from school and are out on the job market, looking for That One Ideal Job. It’s almost like looking for a marriage partner, except this one pays better (or not).

Many people often look at the Nuffies and wonder,

1) What is it that they do? I know they deal with bloggers (“there that pink hair one”) but what do they do exactly? (This is a more popular sentiment among the older generation though.)
2) Why this company like so fun ah?
3) Why is my company not as fun?

This month, some of the Nuffies came together and documented an entire day of their lives at work to satisfy your curiosity. Just a disclaimer, this might make it seem like we are all fun and no work – in actual fact, we are indeed all fun because our work is fun.


First, read about Darren from the Advertising Operations team’s day as a Nuffie. Darren also happens to be the first male ad ops in the company.

darren dayre

You probably already gathered from Darren’s post that the Nuffies enjoy OOTDs. Here’s 1/3 of the famed #CrazyCatLadyStudios (yes, it’s legit, with a facebook page and all), Gillian, from the Churp Churp team. That actually makes her a Churpie but that’s just technicality.

gillian dayre


This other Crazy Cat Lady actually really owns 2 cats at home, and fostered 3 kittens we found near our office area for a week or so early this year. Rebecca is from the Regional Office team, but doubles up as the art director of #CrazyCatLadyStudios during lunch time.

rebecca dayre


One of the longest standing Nuffie is Sarah, whose day includes being The Nicest Girl In The Office and designated Behind-the-scenes Photographer.

sarah dayre

Ending off this series of A Day In The Life Of A Nuffie with Jaey’s day as our office’s chef.

jaey dayre

I guess what we are trying to say is that:

1) Even though it does not seem like it, but when it comes down to serious business, the Nuffies do get the job done. The tears, sweat and tears (yes, REAL TEARS) that come with this job simply goes away when we help lift each others’ spirits up on bad days in our own different ways. Some of us take OOTDs to de-stress, some of us cook, while some of us go for KTV sessions together.
2) Yes, we are as fun as you think we are.
3) If not, even more.

So here’s a tip for you who are looking for your first job, or looking for a switch of environment – make sure that you do what you love and you’d never know what Monday blues are. It does sound cheesy but being friends with all your colleagues help, too!

Qinxin Khoo
Nuffnang Community Team

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