Nuffnang Reads is back! And it IS all about money money money this time.

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SG Budget Babe took the time to remind us the importance of differentiating needs from wants. For the ladies, she also discussed women’s tendency to spend more.

Besides our propensity to spend and even splurge, producers and companies also have some tricks up their sleeves to maximise their profits too.

Case Study: IKEA 50 cents ice cream 


Recently published on Quora were several mind tricks used by retailers in recent years to maximise their profits. And specifically, IKEA’s example had been singled out.

According to a chef who previously worked at an Ikea food-service operation, the objective of IKEA’s quick-service restaurants is to “reinforce their low price profile”. Everyone has a rough idea how much a meal or an ice cream should cost. Seeing cheap food available in IKEA would lead people to assume low prices are offered throughout IKEA. On the other hand, consumers often have no idea how much furniture cost, and with the assumption that IKEA prices would be wallet-friendly, consumers would have no qualms purchasing over-priced IKEA furniture.

Also, what is the likelihood you would leave IKEA with only food in your tummy? Most IKEA outlets are too out of the way. To make your trip worth, you are likely to grab some items on your way out too, whether you need them or not.

Hence, IKEA is more than willing and able to sell you 50 cents ice cream and $1.50 hotdog combos!

The Power of Advertising  Consumers

Speaking of marketing and advertising. Did you know, we are more likely to respond to an advertisement in our first language?

That’s because our first language is the more emotive language and thus we can be less rational when perceiving and using our first language. That would increase the likelihood to fall for any advertisements played out in our native tongues.

Shopping online also reveals to retailers your purchasing patterns. This allows them to customise the ads placements as well as check-out pop-ups to entice you to make impulsive purchases.

Watch ABC’s The Checkout’s comparison of groceries shopping online and at the supermarket itself.

Still think that advertising is power?

Not really. YOU, as a consumer, are the power.

Saving for the Rainy Day

Now that we have gained some knowledge in spending, we should get started on saving too. Here’s what SG Budget Babe has to share about saving. Saving is not only important, it is something we can all do everyday.

From staying away from vices, to choosing the right company. Saving up can be incorporated into our daily lives!

And just to pick your brains a little :)

Ever wonder about the stereotype that the Chinese save a lot more and are ever so stingy?


Source: Tumblr. Leave it to Jessica Huang to save and stretch every penny under the Huangs roof! 

It is as true as it can be. Studies have shown that culture and language spoken influence perceptions.

In this case, the Chinese language does not mark time differences, while the English language does through the use of tenses. This makes the future “nearer” for the Chinese thus having greater risk aversion, and also fuelling their need to save. On the other hand, English speakers would perceive the future to be further away and thus have less incentive and motivation to save.

Aren’t you glad Singlish throws tenses out of the window too?

Mo’ money, Mo’ problems

Sometimes we have the privilege to suffer from first-world problems.



With the money kept safe and saved, how do we watch it grow?

Again, SG Budget Babe has some advice on investments. She suggests taking up classes and also getting registered with the SGX, for not only it is a requirement, investment without any knowledge is as good as gambling!

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Jasmine Tse
Nuffnang Community Team

Hola Nuffnangers!

It is June, and we are crossing the half mark of the year!

Many students are also spending their June and summer break now. Doesn’t matter if you have taken on part-time jobs, or simply bored out of their minds. Perhaps you’re the life of parties, or maybe the socially-awkward turtle. Well, do not worry, doesn’t matter! For our list has something just for everyone.

1. Chill with yo homies and make your own popsicles!

The heat from the perpetual summer Singapore weather can be unbearable sometimes. What can be cooler than designing and making your own popsicles at home?

For a fuss-free and healthy Froyo popsicle, you might want to mix a spoon of honey with plain yogurt and leave to freeze in popsicle sets. (Psssst, you can get a set of four at $2 from Daiso!)

The beauty of making your own froyo popsicles is, you can experiment with jams or fruit concentrates such as household favourite Ribena to create colourful swirls as well! Just remember not to mix thoroughly so the colour effects would be more obvious!

When all fails, simply blend your choice fruits together and pour into your popsicle sets and stick them into the freezer. Voila, all you need is to survive the heat while waiting. Have fun and freeze away!
For more popsicles ideas and recipes:

2. Catch up on your favourite TV shows

Your popsicles ready?

Now, find your comfortable spot and get on a TV marathon. Run solo or gather your best TV buddies. Summer break is the time you can catch up with all the TV series you have missed when you’re away mugging and rushing reports.

Here are some of the TV shows our Nuffies would be catching up on this Summer:

Orange is the New Black that would be back with Season 3 this June (12th, to be exact!)

(Picture from:

All the babyzillas out there, don’t forget to keep up with (Not the Kardashians) the National Lee Twins and Song Triplets on The Return of Superman


When all fails, we always have Friends!


3. Hop on the revamped Battlestar Galatica Ride

Gather your buddies and head to the Universal Studios Singapore now if you have unless energy to expend and a thirst for thrill. After being closed for months, the Battlestar Galatica Ride has opened its gates again on 27 May 2015. And this time, to enhance the view of each rider, the seat arrangement is now in rows of 2 instead of 4.

All the stress pent up since the beginning of time? Hop on for the thrilling ride and the opportunity to scream your worries away!

4. GSS Shopping


How can anyone miss out on Singapore’s favourite pastime: SHOPPING

If somehow you have forgotten how to get more bang for your buck, recap with previous Budget Barbie episodes featuring  Qiu Qiu!

5. Plan a Weekend Getaway with your Friends

Weary of the shopping crowd and urban stress? How about a weekend getaway then.

From Pulau Ubin, to JB across the causeway, there is no lacking of getaways destinations for great food and company. When all fails, book the next flight and go on a short holiday! Be it to satisfy your Thai food cravings, to shop even more in Mongkok, or get the heavenly Balinese body massage your body has been aching for. Here, we have some help from our frequent flyers for shopping tips and food guides around.

4 visits in a year! Shenny who pretty much knows her way to the best massage spots and food  generously shared about getting around Bangkok. BeFunky Collage

Esther on the other hand has done up an elaborate Hong Kong series too, segmented into the various districts such as Mongkok and the picturesque Victoria Peak!

EX col

So there you go. Party away, your way.

Jasmine Tse
Nuffnang Community Team

Hello Nuffnangers,

We’re excited to share this A-MAY-ZING news with you! Nuffnang is proud to be one of the official event partners for Bare Your Sole 2015. *cues confetti*

This year’s event is really special because some of our Bloggerati and nuffies will be joining in the annual walkathon, baring their soles along Palawan Beach, Sentosa!


For the month of May, do catch our very own Qiuting, Kelvin of Cheekiemonkies, Valerie and Mongchin as Bare Your Sole Ambassadors where they share about this incredible cause and what it means to them personally.


Bare Your Sole brings together people from all walks of life to raise awareness for the plight of a large number of people living in poverty without the ability to afford basic amenities, such as shelter or footwear. Funds raised from the 2km and 4km barefoot charity walkathon supports Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s Project HomeWorks programme, which is a local initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of the elderly, the sick and the physically challenged living in one-room flats in Singapore. Over S$300,000 was raised from last year’s edition of Bare Your Sole, where more than 5,000 participants turned up to show their support. 

To spice up this year’s event, Bare Your Sole has come up with an exciting challenge for you to take part in and show your support online!

#daretogobare2015 Challenge

  1. Take a photo or video of your barefoot in a strange/unusual situation.
  2. Upload it on your social media platforms and explain what you’re doing.
  3. Tag 5 friends and dare them to do the  challenge or else donate at

Just 3 simple steps for you to give back to society while having fun as well! The nuffies are always game to take part in such challenges, so here’s our take for the #daretogobare2015 challenge!

If you want to be part of this amazing cause, online registration is now open! Do your part and give back to society by baring your sole this May!

Registration Details

Online registration for Bare Your Sole 2015 is available at Early bird registration has closed but regular registration is still open till 23 May 2015. Tickets* are running out so do register before it’s too late!


  •  Adult – S$40
  • NSF (ages 17-24) / Student (ages 7-21) – S$30
  • Senior citizen (65 and above) – S$30
  • Family of four – S$120

The event pack collection will be held at the Orchard Central groundfloor atrium over 23-24 May, 2015. Counters will be open from 11am to 9pm daily. After you’ve grabbed your goodie bag, find out more about the cause behind Bare Your Sole at the Habitat Singapore booth, buy lucky draw tickets for a chance to win amazing flight and staycation prizes, get a complimentary health check-up by Fitness First and leave with a photo memory at our free photobooth!

Find out more about Bare Your Sole and Habitat for Humanity Singapore:

BYS Facebook –

BYS Twitter – @bareyoursolesg

Instagram – @hfhsg

So we’ll see you on 30th May, Saturday and remember to come baring your sole!

Christina Lau
Nuffnang Community Team


Date: 23rd May 2015, Saturday

Time: 3 p.m to 4.30 p.m

Venue: 23 Kampong Bahru Road #02-02 Singapore 169349

Want to look good working up a sweat? Two words: Pole Dancing.

Read on for the whos and whats of this exciting event!

Who is Studio Sands?

A cosy boutique studio that focuses on fitness as well as pole dancing as an art form, Studio Sands believes that pole dancing provides an escape from our daily routine and an outlet to relieve stress.

With a selection of progressive classes to accommodate to different levels, Studio Sands aims to build a close knit and inclusive community for students.

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole Dancing is an art that combines both fitness and grace at once. Building upon flexibility and strength, pole dancing classes range from simple routines to sophisticated moves such as aerial inverts.

For a glimpse of pole dancing in action, famous pole dancers such as Anastasia Skukhtorova, Bendy Kate and even Greshilov Evgeny demonstrate their prowess on the pole with often gravity defying moves.

Who is coming? 

Our bloggers Fiona and Shenny will be joining this event and if you are a first timer – don’t worry, lessons are conducted with beginners in mind!

As there are only limited slots available, bloggers will be selected at random and only selected bloggers will be notified before 12 May 2015.

Sign up now and take the first step on your pole dancing journey!

Nuffnang Lovin' x Studio Sands

Samantha Koh
Nuffnang Community Team


Nuffnang has always celebrated our birthdays in style, and our 8th birthday bash was certainly no exception.


Our 8th birthday bash was held at Da Paolo Bistro Bar, where we shared an intimate lunch session with bloggers and staff alike. 


The place was done up beautifully in shades of white, gold and silver, the theme of our birthday bash, courtesy of the folks over at Give Fun and Assemble Happinest.






Bloggers were greeted by an infinity backdrop painstakingly prepared over many nights by our advertising operations team.


A close up of the infinity board! The infinity sign comprises of individual photographs of our bloggers.





Pristine white tablecloth? Checked. Classy decorations? Checked. Fresh flowers? Checked. We could not have asked for a more perfect table setting.


The Nuffnang Singapore family out in full force.







While mingling at the reception area, we also had loads of fun at the green screen photobooth set up by none other than Hello Stranger.

The green screen is the first of its kind in Singapore, and it meant that not only were our pictures captured in stills, we also had the priviledge of seeing our silly antics acted out in gifs!







As our bloggers got seated, they were greeted by an inconspicuous box with their name on it. It was actually our 8 blogger essentials! The box was put together by our partners and us as a well-deserved present to our bloggers, comprising of 8 essentials every blogger needs in their blogging journey.

Keen to know more? Hop over to our official dayre account!


Lunch was a hearty affair accompanied by renditions of popular pop songs by the lovely HubbaBubbas.





There were also sweet treats galore from Butter Studios to satisfy our sweet tooth after lunch.


Our first lucky draw which had Bossming more excited than anyone else.


It saw Velda walking away with a Philips Handheld Steamer…


…While Nadnut found herself winning the Philips Air Purifier!


Soap making activity commenced after lunch with the Soap Factory as we tried our hand at making our very own soap with The Soap Factory.




Some of our bloggers doing what they do best.




Our second lucky draw where Jessica (more commonly known as Tippytapp) won herself a Philips Noodle Maker!


Becks, on the other hand, won our second prize of Philips Airfryer!


And the grand prize goes to…Juli! The lucky girl won herself a Samsung 27″ Minimalist FHD monitor, no less!

One of the highlights of the day was a video where our bloggers (and now you!) took a peek inside what goes on in a typical nuffies’ day at Nuffnang. Talent and communication, sales, advertising operations, these are the unseen heroes that work together in synergy to keep the company up and running.


As per tradition, Bossming also gave a speech, but with a twist – we wanted to make a collective impact on Instagram! Even if it was just for a while (hurhur).

We prepped for what was to be 70 people, influencers and Nuffies alike, posting our #nuffnang8irthday pictures altogether on Instagram at exactly 3.08p.m!






PicMonkey Collage

You know what they say; there is strength in numbers. At 3.08pm, my newsfeed on Instagram and Facebook slowly flooded with an explosion of #nuffnang8irthday and #nuffnangsg  postings!

PicMonkey Collage

Even those who couldn’t be with us physically posted from different corners of the world!  It was certainly one of the more memorable moments in our history of birthday celebrations.


What’s a birthday without a birthday cake?



It takes many things to build a company; a leap of faith, a sense of fortitude, an unwavering spirit, but most of all a dedicated team that perseveres on even in trying and difficult times.

These people are our staff, our bloggers – and you. These are the people who have allowed Nuffnang to bloom into what it is today. These are the people who have allowed the future we envisioned to become a reality.

From a strength of only 6 people to having over 200 full time employees worldwide, we have traveled far and have much to be grateful for.


Thank you for celebrating our birthdays with us with us through the years, and here’s to the many more (stylish) celebrations to come.

Happy 8th birthday to us!

PS: Check out what our bloggers had to say about the party here!

Bunbunmakeuptips: Dayre

Camerafilmroll: Dayre

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Missuschewy:  Blog

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Nadnut: Dayre

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Thefoodchapter: Blog

Valerie Lim: Dayre

Yinagoh: Dayre

Our official photos are also up on Facebook !

Samantha Koh
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